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I had a notification about a new comment, but when i clicked it it took me to someone else's track that had the name "untitled," my track was uploaded with the name untitled so that's the url it has, so it might be getting confused?

also the link from the profile works fine, but just the one in the notification didn't

looking forward to intending to do this and then forgetting and scrambling to make just anything at all at the end of the week.


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oh no.


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I almost forgot about this site, oops, will hopefully start posting more beetz


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Gatic wrote:

I dislike reggae and I hate brostep


also i have to admit i only opened this thread looking for someone who didn't know dub/dubstep

absolutely nothing, which is exactly why i've missed three weeks or so. hooray!

I've been using ableton since October or November for production, and since a bit before that for just recording, and have really fallen in love with it.

I actually remembered to make one



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well aparently these are my top 5 scrobbles.

One Day as a Lion

I guess i wasn't scrobbling when i was listening to Cryptocracy on repeat for an hour.


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well at least you did a thing i forgot to make anything this week oops

Made my song in fifteen minutes in the 30 minutes before the deadline without sound on. it's terrible but i wanted to make something.

I really just have no time to actually sit and write. I'd say maybe once this project is done i'll have time but another one will be started before this one is even done. maybe around mid march i'll have some time. for one song...

whatever happens in the next 4 hours...

I actually made a 25 minute ambient/noise/dance/whatever jam, but never got to split it into tracks or upload any part of it, so i guess it won't be for weekly beats and i'll work on it some more on the side.

I don't think 20 minutes will fit...