My upload seems to be bad MP3. It has cracks and pops and glitches. I'd like to replace it proper MP3.

Djeroek wrote:

For this week I've uploaded something completely made out of my own material, but am thinking of working on a breakbeat heavy track for next week. Would such a track be deleted because it features sampled elements? Probably have to read the guidelines again for the stance on using samples smile .

I’m pretty sure there have been plenty of tracks in WB over the years that have used Amen or other well known break. None of those sample have been cleared.

How about this: One use Roland JV-1080 soundmodule that has the original Hip Hop expansion Card installed. Can that track be uploaded to WB? Joke here is that Roland didn’t clear all samples in that expansion Card and it was pulled of the market. Yet plenty of people still use it.

It’s easy to state that all non-cleared samples are banned, but there is a grey area.


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For weekly beats: Ableton 10 with headphones.
For my other productions: Ableton + what synths and stuff the studio i work in has.


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Old upright piano


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Damn! I missed that WB started 29th and now i have only 4 days for the first track.

2020 is 20’s so we should do Jazz and Swing smile


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My each year has gone downfall:

2014: 28 tracks in 28 weeks
2016: 15 tracks in 15 weeks
2018:  8 tracks in 15 weeks

I'm trying to to get a grip in 2020. I'm starting (finally) a piano lessons so i'll apply that to the weekly tracks. I was also thinking of doing first 5 weeks or so with Mashine that i never use.

Oh, btw, I finally released two of my 2014 WB PsyTrance tracks: … ssa-143bpm … ulevaisuus

Since i'm not doing any trendy hip music, those tracks written 5 years ago sound still as good (or bad) as they did in 2014. Both have been remixed thou for 2019 releases.

Three of the 2016 tracks are being released as Hip Hop beats in 2020 for local Rappers. Then i sold two 2018 WB tracks to commercials.  So can say that for me WB have been quite usefull big_smile


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First track uploaded! big_smile

2014 i did 28 tracks and 2016 just 12 tracks.


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Hi all,

I'm back. My last song was in Week 12. Then my family asked that i would spend less time in my cave.

Then in July i got laid off from my work. I spent five weeks with my kid for summer holiday and then i had more time than ever and... zero new songs. Now after + three months without day job i'm finally working on new Weekly Beats track. I'm gonna try to do new for rest of the year. This weeks track sound pretty good for me. Still in downtempo feelings.

I also got some good weekly beats related news. I sold one of my 2014 instruments hip hop beats for band who recorded rap/vocals for it and it was released on big indie label on summer. It has gotten some radio play that i might even see some royalties smile I also licensed another 2014 weekly beats track for some Facebook live quiz thing. I get 200€/month as long as they use it.

Great think in my Weekly Beats is that i do mostly genre free music. Just something that i feel at the moment so it will not outdate easily.

I had to write this post to get some pressure for actually doing something. It's too easy to think "Well, i start NEXT week."



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I like the time restriction. I might go to studio 4 hours before deadline and write a track from scratch.


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I can't believe it's already week 10. Ten new tracks made this year! That more than in whole last year.

2014 i used some older materials as base for weekly beats, but this year every track is made from beginning during the week.


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My current process:
Get into the studio few hours before the DL and try come up with something. Also use new tool every week.

I think next step for me is to bring other musicians in at least once in a month.

It would also be fun to try to collaborate with some other WB members.


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My take on this: … acemariner


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Track uploaded today!


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george bowles wrote:

Coolest SC account ever!


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I'm in too!


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I finished early too, Whole 3 hours to DL. It's no joke, DL is 2am here. Started the track yesterday and finalised today. Whopping 7 minute track yikes