If you uploaded a track for a specific week, and either you messed up and forgot to actually submit the form, or the server exploded and for some reason the song is gone... Please post here and we'll try to get you a private link to re-upload it for the given week. Be sure to tell us what week # was messed up in your post!

Also, this does not include users who's song was deleted due to copyright issues or whatever else.


bob_smith wrote:

Hey something messed up on my Week 10, Song name: Blah blah beats.

Hey, someone can have one of mine. I've got two the same! (Week 6).

Does it count if I couldn't upload due to lack of 3G where I was? My latest track was written on the Saturday prior to the deadline as can be verified by DosPrompt and celsius...

(Week 14)

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My track is not playing... I think I need to re-upload the file because it's not working. Is that ok? (Week 17)

Try this:

http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 3617050b93

It sends me to the home page :\

How about this?
Maybe it didn't work because there was already something there. I deleted your previous week 17 track and regenerated the code. Let me know if it works! Or doesn't! wink

I have a lot of missed weeks. However I have ALL the tracks for myself (or in soundcloud). If you guys letme upload them for completeness I'llbe really happy smile

I need to upload the weeks 1, 4, 9, 12, 13,15 and 17.

If there's too much hassle or you think that  is too much to ask, is ok guys, thank you so much for taking your time for helping everyone else, you rock heart.

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My internet connection was down all of yesterday and I literally couldn't upload the track for this week which is week 18. The song is ready to go so if i can get some help that would be great.

@analog: now that uploads are fixed, I asked the other admins what they thought about allowing a 7 upload catchup. I just worry about setting a precedent.

@seagull chainsaw: http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 3f8dc67391

Bleo: I had the same problem kinda in week 14 (except replace having internet down with no internet in the area). Hook a bro up? heart

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I wasn't within a decent 3G coverage last sunday, so I missed week #18

And I had a similar problem with week #11, trying numerous reuploads and saving the post, but nothing published. (I already asked about this one on other forums threads)

Thanks for implementing this!

@Derris the Dude: http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … d28afbd43b

@Iguana: which week? I see you have week 11 up already. Maybe #1 or #7?

So because of my slow Internet speed, the deadline passed as I was uploading the piece!
Week 21, Song name: Too Quickly

Thanks a bunch!

There you go Jetkick!

http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 624a85c7bb