Hello all,

First weekly beats for me. I'll do my best to release lots of content. I was curious about what are your setups? All computer based? mostly acoustic? analog gear? etc, etc... Time to brag about our setup, to speak a little about our workflows. I am "trying" to record music since a while, so I do own some stuff.

I will personally try to do mostly acoustic content but will probably take the opportunity to release some electronic based tunes as well.

My setup:

Cockos Reaper with mostly free plugins.
Soundcards: at rehearsal studio with the band Audient id14 and an old motu 8pre fw, at home a focusrite scarlet 18i8 first gen.
Mics: Shure pg drum microphone kit, audix i5, a chinese large diaphragm condenser mic, a samson Q7.
A small novation midi controller, a roland td6 electronic drum (damn I find it hard to do a good performance, even more when I do not move some air.)
An old drum, mixed shell westbury, pearl, sabian cymbals...
Too many guitars (strat, tele, lespaul, an acoustic one) (I don't really play, will try to use them this year smile)
Amps: Fender pro jr (small 15w 10" amp) and a Randall RD1H Diavlo 1W

I'll see how I'll record my things, but probably a 4 mic setup for my acoustic drums, sometime 6/7 depending if I have time to do more setup. I'll try to record some stuff with a guitarist friend as well, probably live multi-track on the local.

I might be able to find time to record acoustic drums at home on weekends, maybe not, if I do it will be probably mono drums, 2 or 3 mics.

I'll steal an electric bass to the bassist of my band as well so I can do some electric bass tracks...

I hope it will be fun and that I will release some ok tunes.

Have a good year all!


Typically: FL Studio, Serum, Splice samples. No hardware.

This year I'll be trying out Studio One for my DAW, and integrating more Vocaloid into my work!

fl studio at home, logic at work. hopefully i won't be spending too much time on weeklybeats in logic tongue

i have some cool synths and acoustic instruments and i'd like to start smashin' them together at some point but we'll see!

I work almost exclusively with hardware, mainly analog stuff but lots of older digital too. I record everything to a Zoom R16 recorder to a SD card and do the mixing with a laptop. Sometimes I use Ipad synths too and also acoustic instruments... anything goes, the result is the law. I have nothing against software synths, but I think I try to keep the computer only in the end of the creative chain, so to speak. I spend quite enough of time with those at work and home too, like right now smile

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Pretty similar to Ashen, the computer only gets involved at the end.

I use a MPC1k for sequencing and Blofeld Keys for controlling a bunch of hardware synths and effects, namely a Polyend Medusa, Nord Rack 2X, PreenFM2, Wavestation SR, 0-Coast, Neutron, Streichfett and JX-03.

Effects are almost as important for me and I'd be lost without my GFI Specular Reverb, Meris Polymoon, a couple of Zoom multistomps and Red Panda Particle. Got a few other pedals and rack things too.

i'm using cubase 5 on an ancient mac. plus a good soundcard and some trusty genelec speakers.

i like a mix of sampled instruments and live recording best.
so guitars, bass, percussion, voice and other sound gadgets will be used as well.

My setup is nothing fancy, basically a PC with Renoise, Live and a load of old trackers (SchismTracker, PT2.3 Clone, FT2 Clone, and a few others). I have an Akai controller keyboard but I need to be a brave soldier, take it apart and clean it (things have a nasty habit of not working when I put them back together). Plus I have a couple of Gameboys, a PSP and a Vita. So no fancy gear, nothing that would make the casual observer go "he's a musician" or anything. But it's how I've done it for over 20 years so it's what I'm used to.

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I have a nice Audio Technica mic and Gibson acoustic that I barely use anymore...These days I keep it mostly electronic with Reaper, a Nektar midi-controller that I picked up six months ago (so cheap and I love it), an old Motu Microbook II. I've got a pretty good collection of vsts and samples happening now but more importantly I've been trying to organize everything and make templates for everything to speed up my workflow -- it's hard work but game changing!

hoping to participate in weeklybeats to teach myself how to use my new mini-mixer; got some old yamaha fm keyboards that i'd love to stack up and record all at once! i also have one of those yeti desktop mics which is USB only and im scratching my head at how to combine them, lol.

early in the year my stuff is just gonna sound like chiptune with vox but as I get better with the analog wiring side of music tech i'll be trying to bring in more and more live performance. it's never gonna sound professional because that's a meaningless goal to me but being able to add more spontaneity to my music would be welcome

I typically use Ableton Live/Suite as my multitrack DAW.  Instrumentation depends on the week--some are all-in-the-box with Ableton Suite instruments, while most end up using physical bass and guitar.  Sometimes I'll use Max/MSP instead, stream that to the drive, and then tweak levels in Live.

This year, I've picked up an acoustic guitar (built by Steve Chipman of vintageparlorguitars.com) after years of not having one, so I'll likely be incorporating that in some pieces. (Actually using a mic has been unusual for me in WB, since direct recording solves the problem of bleed from elsewhere in the house and the problem of waking people up if I'm recording late.)

I don't have a 'setup' per se, but rather a bunch of stuff to be used as needed.

A small eurorack setup (not much use because I want to expand it but don't want to spend the money)
Some non-racked eurorack stuff (independent/portable)
Some semi-modular stuff
A tape machine
Organelle M
Arturia BSP and some other controllers
Zoom H6N recorder
A soldering iron (maybe this will be the year...)

Computer stuff:
Pure Data
OpenMusic (but probably won't use it)
Ableton Live (9, suite)
Processing/P5/JS (I would like to make some stuff entirely in JS, that's a fun challenge)
Finale (probably not this year...)
ChucK (this might be the year...)
SunVox (also on iPad and iPhone)

A bunch of quirky music-making software.


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Pretty simple for me, I use Ableton Live 10 suite, and pretty much the instruments on that. Occasionally I'll play with a new plug in. I have a Push 2 as well, which gets used about 50-60% of the time.

I'm opening up a hex editor and entering the correct data to make a song.

i plug a 2ds and a guitar into a hello kitty karaoke machine that goes to a tape deck and then i play back the tape and record it with my phone

i used to also use a phone handset that i turned into a mic but it broke, now i use a wii karaoke mic i got at the thriftstore for $1 that hella doesnt work

umbrella throat wrote:

i plug a 2ds and a guitar into a hello kitty karaoke machine that goes to a tape deck and then i play back the tape and record it with my phone

I really want to hear this.