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Wonk Maid Ketchup

By ineff on February 11, 2024 11:57 pm

The tonal elements in this week's track were (mostly) made by chopping up bits from other Weeklybeats―many thanks to botanicus, theemeraldruby, and Jason Nijjer for releasing tracks under CC licenses that permit derivative works!  And to Phil Harmonic and Mission Crossing for their percussion advice in the weeklybeats discord.

Sampled Weeklybeats tracks:

Other than those, drums are mostly chopped from CC0 freesound.org clips and I used the M8's FM and wavsynth for extra bass & chip arps.

› M8 Nerd Notes

› freesound.org Samples used

99% made and mixed on a Dirtywave M8

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

Wow, this is just wizardry. Hard to believe this was done on a M8, so much variations and things going on. Really groovy and flows super well despite all the madness. Excellent!

Delightful. Such a playful, glitchy cohesive groove, pulls me along but keeps me wondering what's next, loved this track!

AH! Wonderful! My kid and I are jamming out to this right now. So much intrigue in the way you incorporated the sampled tracks! Really fantastic work~

Wow, this really makes me want to explore sampling. This is just great.

really nice track, and thanks for the M8 sampling tips!!

Really great stuff! You have such a way with the M8, it's very inspiring!

Oooh hail yais this has so many intricate sounds going on and placed so nicely in the mix so they all have their space to groove.  Dig how the beat changes up when the flute comes in.  The chippy arps are sweet ear candy smile  Excellent bass throughout.

beautiful sample chopping! a delightful audio collage to listen to. favorited!

Will have to try these sampling techniques. Thanks for a great example. This song is wonderful.


This very very  good. Your samplingskills are superb.

Wow, this is crazy. The evolving palette of sounds really keeps me engaged. But also, familiar enough to not feel all over the place. It somehow manages to feel like very frenetic chill music. Very original, very cool!

Wild stuff. I really appreciate the m8 sample chopping advice. I've played with it some, but didn't realize the math and how granular it can be.

this sounds soo cool, really great work

really impressive sampling and composition work – all of the parts really come together well

we need more flute + chiptune raps in the world

This beat is wonk!
- Devieus

Feels really organic, I dig it! The entrance of chiptune chirps is quite unexpected at the end, that's an entirely different vibe. But the rest is glued together super well.


Yesss, this is so good! Great idea to start, and that drop hits so hard. I particularly like how the drums feel chaotic and random but then come together into a groove-- that's some advanced drum programming right there. Great work!

This is sickkkkkk 😍 i love the way you’ve used all the sampled elements - if I didn’t know you’d  sliced things from my tracks I never would have picked it !

Fun track! Love that you put the M8 Nerd Notes into your posts!

Superb sampling, awesome how you used so many different sources and made this cohesive piece of music, fantastic mixing, the flute stands out and sounds so good, also love how I have no idea what pad sound was used here from my week one track, sampling at its best! 

So much happening in this track! It's like driving at light speed through different universes - with the clarinets, the voices, the samples moving here and there. That section with the beat stopping and starting again and dueling with the clarinet was really great, punctuated with the 8bit like sounds. Very cool track!

Oh yes. Much fun! Lots going on, and it makes me happy. Loving seeing the sampling of other WB tracks happening. Great work! I'm remembering to set my license type to that from now on! Nicely done!

A really creative and beautiful summary on all the different parts! Journeys into a strange and exciting place. The flute is my favorite I think.

great track!  I love beats that are made from other people’s tracks!  also appreciate the documentation, I’ll have to dig into the SLI + STA at some point.

Amazing track - thank you for sampling my song! It sounds original on its own. I couldn't easily recognize some of the source samples.

I echo pretty much everything that others already said. Cohesive, yet random. Chill, yet chaotic. I think this will go really well in my ecstatic sets. I am going to download it - if you could send me the .wav file, that would be even better. [email protected]

Nice work and keep it up. I'm excited to check out other tunes of yours!

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