Right now I'm using ableton, sending midi through usb to my TB-03, which sends/splits midi to a MidiNES and a GenMDM. But I just started using USB-C for my GenMDM instead of midi (after improvising at an out of town show where I forgot to bring my DIN to mini midi cable), which frees up 10 channels in my midi chain. Thinking of adding mGB and a volca FM (mostly to use the click sync with some pocket operator drum machines)


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jwmmakerofmusic wrote:

The m4a format is basically the mp4 format, minus the video aspects.  In 2006, m4a had extremely limited capability with anything that wasn’t iTunes or an iPod/Mac.  The mp3 was king.  11 years later, the m4a format has far, FAR greater compatibility.  It’s also the superior lossy compression format.  An m4a file at 256kbps will sound EXACTLY like an MP3 at 320kbps.  This means we can upload a 320kbps m4a and have far superior sound quality to the 320kbps mp3, or we can upload a longer piece at 256kbps m4a while still remaining within that 16mb filesize limit.

uhhh okay


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Well I don't know if you remember but I used to mod the Off Topic section of 8bc

But seriously, I'm trying to listen to more music anyway because of my radio show so I'd probably be a good addition


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Don't tell me what to do.

I'm gonna try to make it to at least Feb this year!

Okay thread updated, week 4 is WT01, Deep Transmissions, using this royalty free archive of NASA recordings


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Trash80 wrote:

LOL guys. It's hasn't been fixed yet. Wait a sec.

I think you mean "It's haven't been fixed yet"

Also I'm gonna throw in a suggestion for the first theme week: SPACE

Pretty obvious, BUT, NASA released a huge audio collection recently, anyone can use it for noncommercial work.

I know in the past there have been threads for theme weeks (non-mandatory of course), figured we could use a fresh one for 2016.

WEEK 4: Deep Transmissions: Write space music using (if you want) this archive of royalty free audio from NASA. Tag submissions with WT01.

So use this thread to get in cahoots and figure out what weeks should have what themes and whatever. I'm not gonna be the commissioner or anything but I'll try to keep the first post updated.

Maybe the last week of every month (or just every 4th, cause it started a bit late this year) could be theme week?

Also we should get a tag system going so people can listen to all the themed entries at once. Like WTXX (xx is week number, 01-12) (I figured this was obvious but just in case)


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Edmund Snyder wrote:

Someone's gonna be a big star since he's already got the Diva part down.

A couple of y'all are gonna take home the gold (tied for first) in the Mansplainers That Can't Identify a Joke-lympics


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That was a typo, I meant hadn't, you space age carpet munchers


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Phil Harmonic wrote:
Saskrotch wrote:

should be hasn't

Um.. no. "Music you have not listened to." "Haven't" is the correct contraction for have not in American english.

Um..  Yeah. As in music he has not listened to. Open a fuckin book some time


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should be hasn't

I'm gonna use this to try to write more outside my usual business so WHO CARES


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Is there supposed to be a countdown clock for submissions? I know there was one for when the week started but I don't see nothing no more nowhere no how

Almost 100% listening to Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap