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Live show at Resonant - Melbourne


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I haven't been participating in weekly beats for a while, but I have been doing daily beats just as a personal things for the past month and a bit


I'm also trying to see if I can do a video every day too, here is some of that! this might end up being far too ambitious and I might burn out but we'll have to see about that


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Released an album this week that contains four tracks from my weekly beats material


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This weeks video


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finally got a video done this week, a vlog thingo this time around


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This weeks tracks is a live noise-techno jam with my puredata rig and a portabella


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Kohlhofer wrote:

This is great! I may have to come up with my own set of dice to direct my patches!

I'd love to hear what you come up with! the modular has always been an interesting instrument compositionally, as you're working a lot more on creating a 'system' to create a song moreso than doing traditional sequencing and songwriting

with that in mind, I would think that some sort of direction relating to the overall 'structure' of the patch would be the most potent form of inspiring new work

rhythmically: 16th note straight sequencing vs free running lfo clocks only vs krell patch syncronised clocks only vs clock divided rhythms only
harmonically: restrictions on voice or polyphony, specific directions to change keys mid track, (single voice polyphony can let you go crazy with fm for example, something you can't do when trying to harmonise multiple voices)
texturally: directions about thickness, loudness, and when to include/exclude textural content
formwise: juxtaposition between different sections (a section and b section leaning towards different 'genre') very specific buildup breakdown sequences


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I'm late <_<

Finally got around to doing a tutorial vid (my original intention) rather than just a music video

Featuring last weeks track!


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Finished a music related vlog for this weeks video entry


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Another Tracker Track
Skueue - Plink Seven

I went to the squaresounds chiptune festival as I was writing this so this is tonnes more dance oriented content than usual

a reboot fixed it

☆゚.*・。゚ I.T. MAGIC! ☆゚.*・。゚

edit: it wasn't magic, it was aday (housemate) fixing the router settings at exactly the same time I reset my computer

☆゚.*・。゚ ADAY MAGIC! ☆゚.*・。゚

format - mp3 (already tried re-encoding)
checked internet connection - ping 10ms / download 17mbps / upload 14mbps
clearing cache - not sure how to do this but it's happening across several browsers
rebooting computer - I'll try that now
weird character - all alphanumeric "PlinkSeven.mp3"

good morning

uploading isn't working for me, I tried opera/chrome/edge and none of them are working

the black/blue upload progress bar stays at 0% and then it goes black and doesn't register that I tried to upload anything



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This was actually an upload for last week, but I've just moved house and had no net

Some bad stuff happened this week so I didn't get anything done for this one

Skueue - Sneeb Eight


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Hey everyone, another week with no video to show due to moving house and cleaning out the old one

I'll get back to posting videos, and also doing mini reviews of everyone else's videos probably next-next week once I have internet and time again (still getting tracks done every week tho)


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No video from me this week ( still because of moving house reasons )