Thanks for the camera work on the video.

Anyway, this is one of the tracks I gone did for the 8-bit domination gig … domination in brisbane... just did a live studio take...

also I missed a at least few weeks (since week 14) of weeklybeats so i guess I gotta start my streak again

The animation is from Éric Chahi creator of 'Another World'

My long term plan is to create video ALONG side of new audio, so at the same time.
I wish luck upon myself I guess

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It has been a while.. this is the very first piece made with my new minimal usb powered eurorack system (60hp). The mannequins mangrove formant oscillator is well suited here since it you can derive two musically related pitches form just one oscillator. Otherwise this is mostly compromised from "left over" modules. The high noise floor is courtesy of the korg monotron delay (off screen) and built in spring reverb.

Released an album this week that contains four tracks from my weekly beats material

Skueue wrote:

Released an album this week that contains four tracks from my weekly beats material

Congrats!  Also loving the record label name wink

Managed to capture audio and video this week again.

managed to get one this week.

This was made for a friends birthday (he turned 30!).  He owns the bar that a lot of us drink at locally + run synths nights and things at.  We played this video at his surprise birthday party :-)  It's a private youtube link, but I thought I'd put it here as I'm sure he'd be fine with the WB community watching it.  Uses the new beta build of Keyscape which is amazing. heart

I finally got around to mixing the track properly (not on this video) which has lower vocals and a better mix.  This video was the "loud vocals" version for the party.

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I haven't been participating in weekly beats for a while, but I have been doing daily beats just as a personal things for the past month and a bit

I'm also trying to see if I can do a video every day too, here is some of that! this might end up being far too ambitious and I might burn out but we'll have to see about that

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It has been a while even though I have been diligently producing my weekly tracks and shot several videos, too.  Here is the latest I am particular fond of:

There are more on my channel if you are imterrested. ThAnks for watching.

Live show at Resonant - Melbourne

My entry for Rob Scallon's "Metal In Very Inappropriate Places" contest smile

Sup 2020

Live coded with Sonic Pi and Hydra.

Oscilloscope music! Project file on the song page.