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Hi! Could I get an upload link. please? Last minute crash ... re-rendering and ready to go now ... but a couple minutes late!!

Hi - could I get a temp upload link? Daylight savings time made me miss the deadline! Thanks!


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ay - interested and emailed ...


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Looking forward to another one! Good way to actually finish some things!

Thanks much!

little-scale wrote:

Sure thing! smile

Week 46: http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 94b910a9c6

Hi! I think because of the daylight savings time change I missed the deadline today. Thought I had until 5 pm Pacific ... but it's 4:15 now and looks like I missed deadline. I'm ready to post now, can I get link to post? Thanks!!


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I'll have lots of live electric guitar, some thing-percussion (bongos mostly), and body-percussion (hand claps mostly) ... would do all live drums but don't have the capabilities to record those and get the sound I want. Someday!