Phil Harmonic wrote:
bryface wrote:

looks like my song still got lost in the upload ether.  can anybody spare an upload link?

i can give you an upload link. but it's probably going to end up not appearing in the list hmm some weird shit happened with the year change. Trash80 had to retag all of the previous uploads … f893cc40b1

uploaded!  You are a total beast, thanks for all the help again!

looks like my song still got lost in the upload ether.  can anybody spare an upload link?

something went wrong for this last upload for me, i'm guessing it had to do with this weird week 52/53 thing?  i think i'd need a custom upload link or something...

the good news is that according to this page though, all modern browsers (except opera mini but who uses that) ought to support mp3 by now.  so no need for fallback formats if i interpret this correctly.

Just a heads-up that as per this article which says that Chrome is rolling out default blocking behaviour for flash, visitors may start finding that their play buttons won't work anymore.

it seems to be happening to me now (although right clicking the pixel containing the Flash plugin and clicking "run this plugin" will let you resume playing the tune).

Anyway, just reporting that this behaviour is gonna become more commonplace, which would necessitate an HTML5-only solution for song playback sooner than later.

shiiiizzzzzzzz phone tethering upload woes.... could i grab a link?

Sorry but I'm too tied up in the middle of flights right now to be able to get my track in till I return home.  Could I get a link?

my upload was successful, but a last-minute parameter tweak ended up messing up a lot of other parts of my song as a side effect... mind if i upload a fixed version?

aahhhh dammit, file hung mid-upload.  i beseech the weeklybeats lords for the mercy of an upload link.......

my phone's mobile hotspot crapped out mid-upload, FOCK.  gonna need a slice.

buh, slow upload speed in my hostel and my upload got stuck buhhhhhhhh.  could i try again?  once i get home tomorrow things should get back to normal.

aaah been busy settling in after a flight, but didn't have a chance to commit my track to a file.  can i get a link?

aagh, gonna need an upload link - my render took a little _too_ long this time.

shucks, botched my original recording a couple minutes before deadline (chalk that to having to set up my recording computer again after a move this weekend).  sorry but could i request an upload link?

GAH misnamed a song before uploading, missed it by 10 secs lol.

first upload link request of the year though!


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i'm down for 39 more weeks of crappy music by me