Upload botched gah... reupload link pls?


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i'm hella ready to do one song

1. use only the green emotions
2. be a sound (figuratively embody a sound in the abstract)
3. macrotones (only frequences outside 20Hz-20kHz)
4. do song in Taekwondo horse stance
5. be a sound (cosplay it)

you don't have to thank me!


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note! wrote:
bryface wrote:

nooooo just slip it in as a week 1 late entry!

Sorry to be a noob but how? Can't seem to be able to upload

You can be replied to or msg'd a special upload link to upload your late entry.  I'll see if one of the moderators can help you out there


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note! wrote:

Well I guess I just learned what GMT is.. thought I had until midnight lol see y'all week two!

nooooo just slip it in as a week 1 late entry!


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2022 Don't Actually Use M8 For Any Of The Weeks Challenge

EDIT: ok fine

ahh caught up in meetings all day so gonna have to submit tonight instead.  would be awesome to have a linkety link thx!

lol missed deadline by a literal second


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damn it, upload hung midupload.  could i get a reupload link?

most people know this but Audacity is pretty good at asking for ID tags on the spot when you export to MP3 (although i'm not sure if it lets you specify album art).

btw I'd love to be able to use Reaper to specify ID tags before export as well, anyone have a cool solution for that?

Just ran all of this week's track URLs through a batch invalidator, so if anybody's track previews were looking botched before, they ought to be fixed now!

oh snap!  this seems to work as expected in facebook's URL linter.  way to change the OG image too =P

couple of possible tweaks:

1) Can the meta description tag (og:description) also contain the song's description instead of the generic description of WeeklyBeats?

2) Can the title of the song not be auto-capitalized?  I suppose this applies to the HTML Page title as well.  I guess it depends on how far you want to go in terms of editorializing song titles..

This isn't a huge/urgent issue but i thought i'd ask about it here before i forget.  Any chance this can be worked in?

implementing song-specific meta tags (opengraph, twitter cards etc.) in a song-specific page would go a long way towards providing proper visibility for song links when shared on facebook/twitter/google/etc. instead of showing the generic WeeklyBeats site info in shared links.

Right now it looks like the routing to get to the actual song details is done via javascript only, which probably makes it tricky to get everything in the location hash properly conveyed to the server backend in time to generate the song-specific metadata for web crawlers/scrapers.  I do believe there are workarounds though.  I dunno, i'm sure some of the more web-savvy devs here will have a couple of ideas to contribute..

i'm not sure if i can partake in WB2018 the same way as i've done before - but i've got a special project that i've been wanting to do for 2018 that will likely involve progressive works-in-progress that i'll try to release each week here!  dunno if it satisfies the exact letter of the WB rules but i've already done 100+ weeks worth of these things so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Phil Harmonic wrote:
bryface wrote:

looks like my song still got lost in the upload ether.  can anybody spare an upload link?

i can give you an upload link. but it's probably going to end up not appearing in the list hmm some weird shit happened with the year change. Trash80 had to retag all of the previous uploads   http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … f893cc40b1

uploaded!  You are a total beast, thanks for all the help again!