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Yooo I’m definitely doing this again so if anyone wants in msg/email me and I’ll let everyone know what we net out to per head ^^


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If anyone wants in on the LANDR group buy it'll happen again. Enough of us liked using it last year that we upped it for access through the off season


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I'll re-up us.

Curious to hear everyone's impressions after the year. I used medium all the time and would re-do my mixes if I didn't quite like how it sounded. Typically that would be 2 or 3 mix attempts but some were more and some were nailed off the bat. That round trip would have been more timely if I was master on iPad (was doing gadget all year) but idk I still enjoy the robot mastering my music smile


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One thing I like about the posts there is that each song has it's self imposed genre... makes it easy to know if you even want to click listen... guess we've got tasg here smile

we're not the only ones! there's other prolific life out there in the universe! https://www.reddit.com/r/songaweek/


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Phil Harmonic wrote:

i think LANDR ruined my track. like 2 people commented this week haha

i haven't listened this week yet

thiiiink i followed up with everyone in the thread, again, just email me your paypal address and interest if i somehow skipped...


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license wrote:

too late?

zath wrote:

too late?

not too late! email sent to both of you


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XC3N wrote:


underground Luau wrote:


Robroy wrote:


didn't get your paypal addies but had you in the calculation, hit me up!


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Gab Manette wrote:

starpause, thanks again for organizing and setting this up. I just gave my track a quick go through the Light setting and it did wonders smile

Nice one! I had to upload my track 3 times... first time I realized I hadn't deleted all the crap apendix sketchpad stuff off the end, 2nd time I realized I'd effed the muting in a few parts so the composition was wrong, third time it was actually the track I wanted to master and medium sounded fine so I ran with it tongue


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CosmicCairns wrote:

sometimes I think mid sounds better and sometimes I think high sounds better. I also think ear fatigue starts to set in after awhile

Ear fatique is real for sure. So is what you think a song sounds like, your brain fills things in... one of the reasons it's so hard to master your own stuff without going entirely scientific.

Funny, high is brutally smashed to my ears, feels like the option they stuck in for people who are always requesting LOUDER (MAKETHELOGOBIGGER)

Medium was my happy place where mix deficiencies were smoothed over so that everything was decently audiable but there were still some dynamics left for weight and emphesis, things had room to breathe.

Light was the most expressive but also if I went with it I would have had to gone back and tweak the mix further... like if my mix was right on then ligh would be perfect.


Last call! Down to 9.79usd


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CosmicCairns wrote:

I've been trying out LANDR since about halfway through WeeklyBeats 2016 and have mixed feelings about it.  At first I felt like it was really improving the sound of my tracks a lot, but sometimes I feel like they really come out sounding like garbage.  Lately I've been spending a LOT more time tweaking mixes because of LANDR than I did before I used it.  Which, I don't know... maybe is a good thing?  But I would definitely be interested in hearing other people's experiences with it.

Rad to hear from someone who's already been at LANDR. I was all FinalTouch last year and found the same... after mastering, I wasn't happy with the mix, and had to go back and tweak things... so I don't think that's particular to LANDR. Although maybe there is more of that with the approch of one stop mastering software than with the slap a limiter on it and crank the gain approach. Since limiter+gain will be adding the least color of those approaches.

Did you find your mixes got any better or you had less back and forth as time went on? or was it a random crap shoot every week? Were you using the low/mid/high setting?


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Phil Harmonic wrote:

how's this going to work anyway? how will we all use the same account? or do we submit our tracks to you and you then submit it to LANDR?

We will share a generic email address and password. I've got login access via facebook in case anything goes haywire wink

And yeah, log in whenever, upload whatever. Each person starts a new "Project" so that they can easily see just their tracks.


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Procyon Lotor wrote:

You have my bow

halfbyte wrote:

I'm in as well.

Gotcha! But send me your paypal emails via the site's email function or on discord

acid wrote:

Honest question, what is the difference between landr and, say, slap a "mastering" preset on Ozone? Anybody tried?

As for the original question, would chipping in to this, if enough people are involved, mean that the music will also automatically get onto music services? Because maybe some people (me) don't want that.

Distro is not automatic, it's an additonal button you can push.

Regarding the difference, you just have to try it yourself and see. They have a trial account which lets you give it a go. I know Aday was using Ozone and is onboard for LANDR. I was previously using Final Touch for iPad.

For me it's an idological difference:

(1) save time and money. i don't want to spend any more time than necessary on the mastering step. in the past i would get super tweaky with final touch and would rather spend my tweak time in gadget on instruments and my mix. we have enough people now that landr is stupid cheap.

(2) i don't want to master my own material. i'm not going to pay someone or find someone to do mastering on a weekly basis.

(3) i'm curious about how the bots will perform and contributing to the neural network that LANDR is using. the theme of CODAME ART+TECH festival i'm running is #ARTOBOTS this year and using landr for mastering fits in with that. my take is that every labor revolution has put people out of jobs and shifted value to new tasks. i don't see any reason for the intelegence revolution to be any different.

i expected plenty of haters when i tossed the idea out there. responses range from "mastering is so simple that i wouldn't pay anyone or a bot to do it, just throw a limiter on there and turn up your volume" to "mastering is such a complex art that there's no way a bot could do it." i'm somewhere in the middle, i think that mastering is a simple enough task that it's feasible to train a bot to do a good job. the limiter conversation has actually been covered fairly in depth on the mastering show.

i find the conversation fascinating considering all the context above. i'm not trying to sell LANDR on anyone but do want to share what i consider an interesting opportunity with the ppl here!

Have 20 people in right now, works out to ~11 a head.


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It's not quite a video, but it's something you can play with while listening to my track, or visit in VR!

https://sketchfab.com/models/5ccb61d083 … fd729cd292

It's possible to upload up to 5 stems to sketchfab, want to play with placement of sounds next week

Should there be a seperate thread for... multimedia acomponyment to weeklybeats so that this thread isn't diluted with non youtube links?

kid3 is my favorite cross platform tagger https://kid3.sourceforge.io/


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Phil, Gab, got you two! The weeklybeats email screen doesn't provide much feedback but the messages did come through!

14usd a head atm :]