I thought to compliment the intentions thread, we could engage in a reflections thread.

Here are mine: I've gone some way to rediscovering that I "love" making music just for the sake of it. Somehow, somewhere, this had disappeared for me. I would like very much to re-start looking at longer-form and slower composition again moving forward. Particularly in the notated/acoustic music spheres. Honestly, the big elephant 'rona was a blessing for me, so once I go back to commuting it will be interesting to see how I go.

For me this year was a continuous struggle with physical exhaustion. It affected me deeply and way beyond not being able to post for some weeks. I really really love making music, and I'd love to create some kind of regular compilation/podcast about what I've discovered here in Weeklybeats. There is so much music and so many talented artists, edition after edition of WB, that "this story", usually kept for a selected audience, should be told smile

1- If you put some time into anything, it finally get somewhere... So I should get my shit together and put time on thing I love since this year experiment proves that it works.
2- Power of deadlines. You can put some time on stuff but if you don't timebox goals, it might not work...
3- Knowing your tools helps a lot... "Cheating" is OK, and sometimes can help to be creative.
4- I'd love to be a solid performer but recording myself more than usual this year I can say that I try but am not there yet (so I cheat... wink )
5- I like to keep stuff (kinda) simple.
6- It is a pretty awesome community here, very positive comments. It helps a lot to get motivated.
7- Motivation is overrated.
8- Just do it! (Nike was damn right when he selected this as their logo)
9- I have 7 fuckin guitars at home and recorded only 3 of them this year, so I need to work on the studio so my gear is accessible, easy to go to.
10- I miss playing with my friends... I played way less than previous years with Niko, Hans and Mitch, hope we can get back to 4 piece rock n roll band soon.

I am really grateful that I did find this platform and composing this year was a blessing.

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I have enjoyed my time writing music here. This year the deadline was much harder to make so I wasn’t able to meet it as much as I wanted, however I was still writing and learning more about my studio. Since starting this  in 2018, I increased my studio a lot and the learning curve is a roller coaster.

The other folks here are the kindest critics ever.  They have always had positive things to say and offered constructive feedback. Plus, folks will clue one in on nuances in different DAWs.  The software of today is fabulous until it isn’t.  I had everything set up in Reaper and it wasn’t working as advertised & someone here suggested I verify a little bit of nothing and that took care of the problem.  It wasn’t in the manual for the DAW nor did my computer OM address it. I guess one just had to know. Other DAWs have their issues too. Anyway, folks here are very helpful. 

In my career it has not always been so. I’ve been in orchestras, Big Band Jazz bands, large & small rock bands, a fusion band (great fun), C & W bands, & done solo work. A couple of big name large groups had conductors/Maestros with the temperament of three year olds. Any perceived problem real or imagined would get a redfaced tantrum accompanied by flying drumsticks.

I’m grateful for the folks here and hope it continues in 2022.

I think my comment for my last track really explains how I feel about this year. We couldn't really plan for the year we where going to have a lot of things had changed. It's was a lot harder for me this year wasn't really listening to much music as I normally listen on my commutes. Thought about giving up half way make some things I like some things I didn't but feels good to have finished the 52 weeks between the kind comments and my partner telling me I shouldn't quit. But was between the stress of working from home and needing to complete weeklybeats was draining. But wishing everyone get though to the other side. 2022 will be a difficult one as wedding planned for 2022 thanks for the reminder @orangedrink
But its the adventure a alot the way that matters.

Didn't complete 52, but that probably wasn't likely to begin with. More than anything I enjoy having the community around as passive peer pressure to create... Even with my sporadic WB uploads the motivation to create without that peer pressure drops dramatically.

Pretty happy overall though, I really dove into vocaloid stuff this year and I have a lot of ammo for a Miku album to work on and release next year!

Looking forward to seeing you all back in 2022!

end of a weeklybeats year is always bittersweet. sigh of relief, i did it, 52 beats! but then i feel empty like... what to do now? i didn't interact with folks a lot this year so i'll be digging back through this year to find gems and enjoy what everyone made ^_____^

This was the first year since 2014 that I've actively slogged it out for the year, and I have to say that I had fun doing it.
In saying that, I dropped off towards the end of the year because of work, a macbook logic board blowing up and other commitments - I think I missed six or seven weeks over all, but I definitely got what I wanted out of weeklybeats 2020. At the start of the year I wanted to up my production game to the point where I could feel confident enough to not only be satisfied with finishing and releasing music, but also get myself out there and working with other like-minded people.

definitely learned a lot of new techniques and skills along the way too - hell, prior to week 7 i was barely EQing anything, and even towards the end of the year i was noticing i'd get to a point where i could pump out an idea super quick and be happy with what it sounded like - both with the compositions and the mixes.

so i guess overall 8/10. achieved my end goal of getting myself back into making music again as well as keeping myself to a deadline - even if it was the night before. keen to dive into this year's stuff and listen back to the collective output too - i've been sorely inactive for the most part besides posting my own stuff whoops lol

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I think like others, it was good practice in perseverance.  Many weeks I wanted to abandoned something I started and in the middle didn't like or didn't know where to go.  Pushing through usually ended with something I thought was pretty good.  I don't know what other lessons I'll take into next year, but I'm content that I submitted 52 songs, and only feel like one wasn't good enough.

I discovered about weekly beats around week 8 and I thought this would be the perfect remedy to being a procrastinator. The deadlines and the need to put something out was great to get to things and try not to perfect them. "Done is better than perfect". This pressure of constant creation also made it necessary to find inspiration wherever I stumbled upon it. I kept recording voice memos about music lines I'd find while doing a run or recording the soundtrack in a movie as an inspiration. The usage of samples was also very interesting for me - I had this complex of "using samples is not really doing music" but when time is limited and my skills are limited, I realized how using Splice for instance as samples packs gave me access to using musical elements I could never dream to compose myself. It felt sometimes I was doing more collage than pure music creation, but that's fine too. In the end, who cares as long as the journey was fun?
The community was really great with encouraging words and it was inspiring to see so much talent here, with compos and mixes that are totally pro level. That has really motivated me to trying to up my game and learn new tricks. There is still a long way to go but it's not like I have anything better to do.
In retrospect, I am 100% thankful for the experience and am looking forward to 2022!

Due to [weak excuses] I did not find too much time to listen and comment on others' tracks too much, and I am sorry about that. Thanks everyone who did listen to mine and wrote some nice words, particularly Devieus, Orangedrink, Machine Gun Ibiza, Onezero and so many others that I forget at this time.

Special thanks to Machine Gun Ibiza for the lovely collaborations!

Since starting with Weeklybeats in 2018 I have somehow managed to keep up a routine of posting something new every week. I even kept it up in 2019 because I feared that if I stop, I can't get back on the treadmill. There have been ups and downs and during the quarantimes this year I also started weekly experimental jam sessions with an online friend that have now morphed into small streaming sessions every Tuesday at https://www.twitch.tv/tubularcorporation.

It goes without saying that pretty much everything I have achieved musically in the last 3 years have been thanks to Weeklybeats and forcing myself to keep up the routine.

Thanks all and I wish you all the best!