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By Wisefire on February 4, 2024 11:59 pm

Oops it's in mono again. that's what i get for rushing.

it's a monotone tune, but i still had fun with it!

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Yeah, I've made that mistake before. Accidentally mono'd my rhythm guitar bus. In such a hurry, and ears so fatigued that I didn't even notice til someone pointed it out. Peppy tune, though! Nice job.

Love me some well executed 4/4. Nothing hints at thsi being rushed. Evolves nicely and the monotone tam tams are just what the doctor prescribed.

I really like the filtery synth over a 4/4 beat on this one. I wouldn't have even thought about it being mono if you hadn't mentioned it. I think that it's fine for this group.

It's a small thing, but I really love how natural each instrument feels as it comes into the mix. It does get kind of wild with the chirpy/springy lead that came in around 4:45, that was the only part that kind of hit me by surprise, and even there I can see how you were hinting at that modulation earlier. I also really like the  call-and-response feeling at 6:45 to end the song.

you can't have monorails without mono

anyway a fun Driving Music bop!

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