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split-level housing (M8)

By bryface on February 4, 2024 11:59 pm

Strapped for time this week.  Mostly preoccupied with headaches/jaw pain coming from flossing too hard at the beginning of the week.  Then whatever time i was gonna use today was taken up instead by troubleshooting a corrupted M8 SD card (protip: don't also use it as USB storage for a printer-copier).  Thankfully i was able to eventually restore everything and make new backups (this is your close-call reminder to do eet). 

Anyway all i had time left for was to dust off a throwaway minimal house WIP and make it somewhat presentable.  I think in this one I was trying to make a good facsimile of a 909 open hihat but ultimately failed (i read that it's actually partially sample-based??).  oooooohooo I'll get u next time!

M8 render, no samples.

good use of a WIP! Sometimes that's what WB's all about B)

Sounds very neat! Love the sound design in this. No samples you say? The bass and kick go so very well together. Overall great choice of sounds. Love the unstable pad too!

thanks for the backup reminder! backing up my m8 sd card RIGHT NOW. also very nice tune smile

Oh nooooo, a corrupted SD card sounds awful!!! I'm so sorry you had to live through that scare. I back mine up semi frequently (between once or twice every 2ish months) but I'm always terrified of losing my stuff, even if it's just my throwaway noodle stuff...
Anyways, gray to hear what you came up with! I feel like weekly beats is a great venue to pick up those noodle files and just flesh them out into something slightly bigger. And you've clearly done a super nice job on this one. Cutos!!!

Fun song, especially when it goes all whooooaaaaaooo
- Raioh

this is fun, really love the part from 01:36 on when the organ comes in

no sample tunes always inspire me continue upping my synthesis / sound design game

Really digging the groove you've laid down with those percussive synths. Jamming.

TMJ solidarity hope you feel better soon

The sound design is really amazing starting at 00:01
I really like the part from 00:00 to 02:40

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