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omega!!!11 W18

By SQF on May 3, 2024 8:39 pm

This was one of those weeks where I almost gave up on this song, I liked it, then I didn't like it and struggled to arrange.

Alas, I pressed on and shuffled some things around and ended up making a super long bridge/middle section of sorts and all the pieces fell into place.

Played around with more breaks/dynamic range.

Overall I'm happy with the end result even if it may be kind of a non-traditional song structure, but rules are meant to be broken right?

Happy week 18!

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CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

Arrangement sounds great! Reject tradition, embrace the shuffle

prophisee wrote:

Arrangement sounds great! Reject tradition, embrace the shuffle

Wise words! Thanks for the listen and encouragement to reject tradition 🙌🙌🙌

Traditional song structure has been done a bazillion times.  Sure, it's nice when it works because it has that comfortable feeling of familiarity, but a lot of times more interesting stuff happens when you color outside the line.  I like how this progresses in an unpredictable way, yet flows really well. 

i'm glad you stuck with it, this is a great track! really nice forward movement, with perfectly timed pauses to catch your breath before the journey continues. sounds so good in headphones too!

extremely cool track! love all the interesting variations!! such a cool sound!!

Glad you shuffled and stuck with it cuz this has an excellent groove.  Excellent groove with the drums, tight arps driving the track and some nice gritty leads.  Oh yes that chordy_lead sounds awesome with that sinister progression change when it comes in midway. A triumphant melody in the final minute as well with that plucky pvc_ish sound.  Nice work!

Yes to shuffling and non traditional structure - gotta do it. Love that melody and lead and great sounds throughout.

Yeah the different sections/structure feel great as others have said, feels like a nice balance of contrast and flow - things are changing relatively often but as a listener I still feel tethered.

At first I thought this is Devieus. Kind of going into that chip metal vibe with the distorted leads. But those basses... this is chip depeche mode.

I enjoyed how this changed over time. The major chords in the middle were definitely a surprise but they work with the rest of the song!

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