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32 days boys and girls!

I was playing the same 3-4 riffs for a year and not recording whatsoever. Using this to get back into my musical side.

onezero wrote:
CatchinAshes wrote:

So this is something I have always struggled to keep on top of listen to everyone's track.

What tips can people suggest to tackle this task?

Definitely feel somewhat guilty I have fallen so far behind on listen.

You and me both! 

I find that sometimes I can listen at work, but I have to avoid commenting--I can make more thoughtful comments if I keep a little text file log of tracks to get back to later.  Sometimes, though, if I'm working on something difficult or something requiring a lot of new learning...I can't listen to weekly tracks at work, and need to listen to something familiar instead. 

As the year goes on and people drop off the weekly submission list, though...it does get a bit easier to get to most of them!

I'm with you. I listen at work or in my car usually. I like to comment when listening but it's hard sometimes. There has been roughly a 50% dropout thus far in the year so it has gotten a touch easier. I wish there was a play count on the tracks to be able to see if music was being listened to, even if comments aren't available.


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+1 for A