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Week 4: https://weeklybeats.com/weeklybeatspodc … ast-week-4


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Drum Bender wrote:

Awesome. Any chance you'll be uploading these to BandCamp?

No chance, sorry bud.


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Podcast week 2 released!

https://weeklybeats.com/weeklybeatspodc … ast-week-2


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frogcity wrote:

I missed the deadline because I didn’t realize it was 12am GMT not local time. But regardless, it didn’t let me upload to week2 either. It shows a blue square with a plus for Jan 1 and a pink square with plus for Jan 2. Neither did anything when clicked, and I tried Safari and Chrome and mobile.

Not sure what I did wrong. Ideally I’d like to still upload w1 to w1 but also fine uploading it as w2 but I can’t seem to do that either.

First time participating. Thanks!

no worries, the mods gotchu.
Use this link to upload:
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … hPi01Arw==


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hhuwoa wrote:

No, I'm on a macbook running firefox

Ah, thank you! looked into a bit, seems you can only delete comments from under your own tracks, not from others. i will relay your request to be able to delete your comments from other tracks to the devs. For now the best advice i can give is to thoroughly check your comments for spelling errors etc. before posting.

thank you for bringing it to our attention!


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tbh, it should be there. are you viewing the site through mobile? and what browser are you using?


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it's quite time consuming for mods to find the specific movie where the quote comes from. but if you clearly name the movie the quote is from, it should be fine to use public domain movie samples. but if there is doubt we might err on the side of caution.

For a good site for all kinds of samples, look at https://freesound.org/


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hhuwoa wrote:

I wrote a comment and I want to delete it. Is there seriously no option to do this?

if you let me know where you commented, i can remove it for you.


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snoopy over the hills wrote:

great, thank you.

writing prompt for each week sounds great. I remember that used to be a thing a couple of years back. like a theme per week eg. write in odd time signature

Ooh, i'll add that one to the list! I know that sometimes it's too hard when you're looking at an empty project, so more limitation helps..


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nedsferatu wrote:

This was great! thanks for sharing. I love the prompt

Thank you! I’ll endeavour to make it weekly!


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I had this crazy idea to start a Weeklybeats podcast!
So here is EP1.
The topics
- what can the WB mods do for you?
- The WB FAQ
- Words of encouragement
- Writing prompt week 1 “found sounds”


Have a listen, especially the “new recruits”.

The writing prompt is for people that need an idea to get started!

If you’d like for me to feature your music in next weeks podcast, shoot me a message on discord!

Step Saturn wrote:

I'm on a weekend trip in Prague and we decided to stay until Monday (didn't expect this at all when I left) - I have no way to access my studio computer (where this weeks track is stored) from here so I already know I won't be able to upload tonight but instead tomorrow evening after I come home.
I could have uploaded before I left but I was in a hurry and I was absolutely sure I'd be getting back home on Sunday.
Would be kind if you could send me a link for late upload. If it's not possible I'll have to skip this weeks upload.
Thanks and best regards,
Step Saturn

Have a safe and enjoyable trip! The link is valid until 48 hours from now.
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 5be913e447

laguna wrote:

I'm just tethering on my phone connection, and the upload took ages. Didn't got through on time (it seemed to time out at 7 minutes). Could I possibly have an upload?

I'm on the road. 2nd time in a month. This is a little bit embarrasing. Sorry sad

keep truckin'!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 3f04235914

??? wrote:

I messed up and deleted my track past seven to reupload another version cause the first one was truncated. If it's possible to reupload please let me know how to do it. It's for week 8.


no worries, we've got u!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 7a53d6613d

Simon Koehn wrote:

Ummmmm I slept through the submission deadline, but I have something sitting there from earlier in the week. Not sure if this counts but if you're feeling merciful I'd love to grab a link? big_smile

Mercy is my middle name.. no it isn't, it's matthew. but still wink
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … a2b5f28f5c

polygloss wrote:

Week 3 2022 I had a song uploaded, then (unwisely) within a few minutes of the deadline, deleted it and tried to upload a new version. The new version uploaded, but didn't register for Week 3. Could I get a link to upload or fix? Thanks!

No worries, we got u!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … b04b75f0c4

Simon Koehn wrote:

Helloooo, yet another "missed the upload by seconds" request. Might I get a submission link from you kind people?

Sure thing! Kind regards wink
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … a2b5f28f5c

ScanianWolf wrote:

Hello, I would really appreciate an upload link. Didn't manage to compress my Mp3 enough when uploading so it refused the file

Get your longform on! here ya go!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 8184e7c80f

Step Saturn wrote:

the upload took over 5 minutes, I didn't expect this. Upload finished a few seconds after midnight.
It would be great if you'd allow me to still upload, to not have a gap so early in my release list.
Thanks a lot smile

I Know that feel, complete the set!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 5be913e447

Tone Matrix wrote:

Not sure if I missed something but that link did not work for me at all. sad

Weird, lets try again:
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … ac12cca6b2