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alright week 10
I've kinda got something mostly recorded already
and partially I feel like I'm not prepared to record the kind of vocals this track wants so that's kinda holding me back
but I feel like, I've got a lot of creative energy, I just want to put it into playing with other people
I did daily songs for three months last year, so now I've written over a hundred songs in just over a year
so I dunno, I want to be the kind of person who sees through the things they commit to but ghhhghghh

edit: ok fine I recorded vocals


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not an airport etc

Uploaded song 7 today. I work weekends and take my kids out to Pokemon TCG tournaments after so I can't let myself get stuck in the Sunday rush to upload by 5pm local time, won't happen. Two things have helped me keep up:

1. I've been diligent about doing a little bit every day
2. Some of my songs are re-works of songs I wrote while doing daily songs last year so I have a starting point, which is often the biggest hurdle (blank canvas effect)

This is a great thread thank you!

So far so good for me - my intent was to leverage my experiences in 2019 writing a song-a-day in January, April, and July to actually complete Weekly Beats for the first time, to continue creating without worrying about the quality of the result. My continued focus is on writing lyric songs. I'm also holding myself to a specific schedule more or less, allowing me to spend my work time for a specific day entirely on the mix, which has historically been nearly completely neglected.

And... so far so good! 4 weeks in, a song every week, they sound decent, I don't feel too pressured. I upload every Thursday.

The downside of uploading Thursday has been that I have a harder time getting around to listening to other people's material, which is something I love so much about WB. I do usually get through some on Friday while I'm at work but that's about it. At my old job back in 2014, I had an office to myself where I could stream WB all day on Monday but now it has to be in headphones and I get interrupted a lot, then I forget to comment... so that's been a challenge.


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Thanks for all your perspectives!
I'm a bit surprised to so far to find that the schedule is really working for me. I work full time but my schedule is pretty unusual. I haven't kept exactly to my schedule, but very close, and it's definitely been enough of a guideline to keep me honest about achieving SOMETHING in regards to my week's song every day.

This week I didn't start recording by Tuesday, but the song is fully composed so I'm ready to dive in today - my day off - once I get my room set back up.


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Does anybody else have a schedule for their song production?
In theory I am writing the bulk of the song Monday, recording it over Tuesday and Wednesday, mixing and uploading Thursday, then making a video Friday, after that taking the weekend off to listen to last week's submissions and do other stuff.

In reality, I didn't realize the first week started on Dec 29th so I crammed the first song in two days, then the second week I followed my schedule but haven't made the video yet. This week I had intended to do more chords-and-lyrics writing yesterday but instead I recorded a beat and a bassline.

So I actually have two questions:
1. Do you have a schedule in mind for getting your song done every week?
2. Is having a schedule futile?


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Way too much stuff.

DAW is Digital Performer, but I wind up tracking a lot of things to 4-track cassette or a handheld recorder first then transferring them over for logistical reasons.

Current instruments that I'm focusing on include my Fender EOB strat, small eurorack modular system focused on sound processing, harpsichord, Sub37, ukelele. We'll see what I wind up using. I'm blessed and privileged to have access to a large palette from which I can draw.

The main deal is a notebook and pen, because I'm focusing on lyric songwriting.


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2016 was a pretty weak year for me, I'm gunning for 52 this year!

Help! I forgot that daylight savings time hasn't happened yet and I was in the shower!

I've always wanted to hear Sleepytime Gorilla Museum cover Devo, and vice versa.


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Hey again!

Trombone, banjo, keyboards (piano, accordion, organ and synthesizer, specifically), drums & percussion, bass guitar, guitar kindof. I also sing.


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My process (in terms of sequence of events at least) is variable from week to week, but I am holding myself to doing all the recording in 4-track mode on my Zoom H4n, which has already been enlightening to say the least.



It's really awesome to see that the genre spread is getting really wide here! Makes listening to the stream much more exciting (as much as I love good chiptune and EDM!)

Most of my live acts have hovered around words like "folk" and "chiptune" and "doom metal" and "jazz" and "new music", but I try not to pin myself down. I think that's reasonably well represented in both my published works and my Weekly Beats offerings.


link plz