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I've got a lot out of landr this year, even though my weeklybeats tracks have stopped. Do you think we can keep the yearly account going? I'll happily put in some money if enough people want to continue it.

Yeah I'm slack.. I realise that not commenting on tracks also means that others are less likely to comment on mine, but I just can't find the time to listen, which is unfortunate.


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Also, I have to say, even though we're only a few months in, I kinda forgot about some of the tracks from earlier in the year. I was going through some WAVs the other day and came across my week 3 track.. when I'm constantly making stuff every week I kinda just move on to the next thing; not sure if that's a good or a bad thing though. Maybe I should just compile all of the similar sounding weeklybeats tracks into one release at the end of the year..


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I've missed one week so far. My motivation to submit something here is waning somewhat, as my youtube channel has kinda replaced this as a push for regular creativity (though, that's every two weeks rather than every week). Still, I'll see how long I can keep it up for..


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Awesome! Good to see another vlog from you.

Here's mine from this week. A 1-hour track build; the beginning of my "linear music" concept. See description for more information.


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Very interesting! I'm gonna look into that module, I love stuff like that.

Mine from this week is not much, but just a little binary trigger/gate sequencer patch I made on my Patchblock..

I'm going to extend it so it perhaps has a secondary output, maybe an inverse signal, or a reversed version of the pattern, or something like that.


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Kohlhofer wrote:
Ipaghost wrote:

Been meaning to start putting up some videos of my WBs for a while. Is this something people like watching?

Can not speak for all the people but I enjoy it smile

Here is mine this week. 4 phase shifted LFOs at the helm.

Lovely stuff as usual. I'm super fkn close to caving and putting together a small modular system. I know I keep saying it but I keep putting together cute little setups on modulargrid haha ugh


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Kohlhofer wrote:

Somehow messed up the recording this week and  only got a mono version sad
Can't go back or re-record since the patch is already gone. Such is the nature of live recording...

Sounds sweet!

Here's a version of my weekly beat (plus a second piece, made up on the spot) from this week recorded in my garden today:


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Lovely track! Nice lush sound design. That setup looks great btw; I like the placement of the three volcas at the top.

Kohlhofer wrote:

Are you using the reface dx here or is it just backdrop? Love that keyboard!

I only used the DX as a controller, in the tutorial video, which was recorded in the same session:


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Sounds lush! Some of the sounds remind me of what Autechre were getting out of their Nords in the mid 90s.

Here's my latest one, maxing out a single track on the Digitone..


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omg please subscribe I'm so close to 1000 subscribers

post your channels here and I'll subscribe back


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Gonna try to keep making videos regularly. Maybe not weekly, but we'll see..

yeah I think so. I don't check this forum often enough but it'd be good to have something to go by if I ever get started early on my weeklybeat (lol)

Wait, I'm confused.. shouldn't we be deciding on the theme for the following week, not the current week?