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Happy to have made it through all 52 tracks this year!  A first out of 4 attempts. Enjoyed listening and learning. Looking forward to 2020!

Hey, I posted a track but it did not show up.  Not sure if I did something wrong but prior to posting, the home page timed out several times and I saw an index error.  I finally go through and posted but I do not see it in my profile or in the main feed.  This was for week 2.

- Mike


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I did the 2012 WB but was not sufficiently recovered for 2014. Looking forward to 2016 if it happens. Lots of new gear in the studio... Same old 80's new wave sound. It's great to work with the challenge and goals as well as the inspiration to create with the WB community.

I'm planing on releasing an album of WB tracks early next year after I sort through and pick out 8 or 10 favorites and polish them up a bit. Then maybe a few EPs where tracks follow a theme.  I missed 4 weeks over the year so no perfect attendance record for me.  I feel like such a slacker!


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Both the +1 track per month or the EP / month are great ideas.  I'd participate in either.  Would like to add that I have really enjoyed the experience of this year and have learned a lot from everyone!  Great community and really great music.

Phil Harmonic wrote:
NWSPR wrote:

For some reason the upload button is not working.  I don't know if it is disabled temporarily for next week.

eh? you have already finished your track for next week?

No, I missed the deadline because of the time change and was going to go ahead and post the track for next week.  Doesn't matter though.

For some reason the upload button is not working.  I don't know if it is disabled temporarily for next week.

Totally Fucked up... Day lights Savings time!!!  I thought I had 10 more minutes because we set our clocks back an hour!  Sheet.  And I was out all day volunteering at a shelter after the damn fucking mega storm in NYC.  Double screwed!  I guess that's the breaks.  See you next week.


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jiffypop23 wrote:


Great idea, but maybe instead of Permabanning, you respawn at week 1 without any weapons.


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Phil Harmonic wrote:
vinpous wrote:

Party at tiasu's house.

Also, I've planned my week 52 piece already, just have to remember to do it then and not come up with a sudden storm of brilliance for one of my other remaining weeks.

Next year - hm, yeah, not sure if I would do something similar to WB or not. I like the idea and have enjoyed (and got a lot out of) this year, but I struggle for time most weeks now and next year I assume will be worse.

That's to say we make it through the dark week 51!

That is when the Mayan calendar runs out and the world ends?

I only signed up because I mistyped a url and ended up here.  I'm not even a musician and I am still waiting for my beets to be delivered.  I am owed 37 weeks worth of delicious beets dammit!

Congrats!  Looking forward to hearing the teaser and the full project!

Yeah, same experience.  Fun but frustrating.  I'd rather use Phil's Voyager!

Posted my Thursdaybloom themed track... my first theme themed submission.  Hopefully it is not disqualified for all the obscenity and backwards masked messages.

I am amazed with the tracks being submitted and am learning more in these 8 weeks than in recent years.  I have a list of software to download.  Started working with Nanoloop on the iPad.  Maybe I will venture beyond 4/4 this year... who knows.  Also, enjoying going back and listening to my favorites again.  Just gets better.  Don't know how I'll make it through 52 weeks though.  I have a few weeks of ideas left on tap.