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I'm well up for this. I wrote 52 tunes in 2014, and none in 2015. I feel there's a correlation...

The Black Dog was what caused me to eventually bow out in 2012, so I fully sympathise with your situation... Best of luck with everything.

I miss Weeklybeats. Can we have it back in 2014? I've never been so musically productive, before or since.

I did a dub track last week wink

e.s.c.'s setup made me feel pretty lustful at the Hexawe gig last summer, and the photo above does nothing to change this.

Here's my current setup:
KP3, TQ5, 707 on the top row.
Renoise on a MacBook Air in the middle.
4 track (which I only bought last Friday, unused so far!), Monotron and ESI audio interface below.

Out of sight: iOS apps on both phone and iPad, piggy, and a big controller keyboard!

As have I! Many thanks for the mention though, means a lot!

I'm just grateful to be keeping up!

Think this week's was more of a technical exercise, but pretty pleased with the textures that came out of it... Already feel like I know a lot more about Renoise three weeks in than I did when I started!


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Was very happy with my Week 2 effort, think it went better than Week 1. Still enjoying the 'freedom' of just putting something out there after a few hours' work, rather than slaving away for months to make it *perfect*...

Looking forward to listening to everyone else's submissions this evening!


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Uploaded! One down, 51 to go...


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I'm in! Should be the spur I need to write more music in 2012... Fingers crossed I'll keep up!