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I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone here, and would like to keep up with people because this has been a great sense of community! My info:

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nikola-whallon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nikolawhallon
Band Facebook: https://facebook.com/nikolawhallon
Personal Facebook: https://facebook.com/nikola.l.whallon

what happened with the counter?? it said I had 24 hours 20 hours ago, now it's gone! what I am reading on this thread seems accurate, and I was able to post something for week 53, but it would SUCK SO BAD if I lost my perfect on THE LAST DAY (I submitted something for "week 53" just in case)

I do a lot of electric violin and guitar live (usually with my Gameboy backing), but also play piano, clarinet, and some ethnic instruments for fun.

I can't say I have the skill to record live instruments, so even pieces that I write for weeklybeats which should totally be played on instruments (like this week's metal piece) I do with sampled instruments.

One of these days, I should make a piece only with recorded live instruments as a challenge, but I don't think I'm ready XD

This definitely sounds intense - especially to make the album cohesive. I am gonna give it serious thought though big_smile

Are there gonna be any open mics at some of the side shows and whatnot?


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Team 52, yes!

I'm going down with a chiptune artist or two, and would love to play at any sort of show or open mic. A bunch of us should meet up anyways.