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Actually got a video for this week!  Will have to check out some of the other vids posted here.  Have been sleeping on this thread.


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I think you can favourite a track and then search for artists you've favourited at some stage??


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Cheers.  Sounds promising.


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So how does Blackhole compare to Soundflower?  First time I've heard of it but it reads well.

fc wrote:

Week 7 motivation slump amirite?

God this was a struggle.

Just don't look at how many weeks you've got to go.  Haha.

I'm generally creating most days so it's more of a matter of finalising a piece and mixing it out for WB each week.


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I definitely try to comment when time permits.

Mostly modular synth but I also work in the box for more traditional film work.  I'm a guitarist/bassist by profession during the day and love utilising a heap of esoteric instruments for sound design work.

bleo wrote:

OK, hopefully I didn't screw everything up. I deleted it, assuming you'll just be able to reupload. Let me know if that doesn't work! So glad you're back for 2020!

Awesome.  That did the trick and thanks!  Appreciated.  I enjoy the creative challenge and I love having this catalog of work at the end of each year.  smile

I just realised my id tag in my file isn't going to work correctly.  Could I have access to just re-upload the file?  Everything else is fine.
That would be massively appreciated!



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Is a delete/edit post option possible for comments?

Nice graph work.


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For fans of darkness.


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I haven't been posting them here but I've done a weekly vid so far.  If it's a hardware performance, I plan on filming it.  Here's the last one I did.  Cheers!

2 film scores and 2 sound design projects.  Also was writing new material for one of the heavy bands I'm in and preparing live tracks for an electronica duo project.


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Thanks for the switch but I think the other way could be better? The 'feature' was actually ok. Focuses the listening on the new year. I was just concerned they had all disappeared but I like that you had to look for them before.  Your call though of course!