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How many participants are we up to? Around 40?


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Ms2000 is a lovely synth.


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heart me some CZ


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Im actually hoping for it, my penultimate tune is going to be an Alanis Morissette cover.

and on the 7th day rest?


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One of my goals is to learn my synths better so I am going to stick mainly toooooo:

Midibox Sid / Midibox FM / Shruthi1 / Yamaha TX81z / CZ1 / LSDJ (love me some wav channel)

All being sequenced and or sampled onto Renoise.

I have a couple of primary goals:

- Get better at structure and theory -
I appreciate the first goal is a pretty lofty one but I feel my songs tend to meander a bit, I would like to be able to write short 3 or 4 minute songs with a clear hook or theme where you know what each part of the track is meant to be.

- Learn to use my 4 or 5 synth modules better -

The second one should be fairly straight forward, I have a few synths which I know the basics on but really need to get deeper into them!

Secondary goals

- Try some new genres -

I want to write some blues or some dub or some dance music rather than just slow and crunchy all the time.

- Vocals? -

I have often thought about doing a track or two with vocals but never gotten around to it. This seems like a good chance to try.

Also I did a year long music challenge once before and I feel I planned it fairly badly, being regularly productive without being under enormous pressure seems like a lot of fun.