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Spoken Word

By blighters_rock on March 10, 2024 10:27 pm

Any time your chorus is just repeatedly yelling "shut up" you know you've struck gold. Heh, whatever. Roast away.

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Well that was quite a ride. Haha. I like that it still was able to build dynamically despite starting at such a high energy level. Nice solo at the end too. Nice job again!

This totally has a King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard vibe. Really impressive vocal delivery too, excellent breath control at hammering away those lines. Those guitar lines that you're playing around 2:40 when there are pauses is super cool too. All in all, really love the direction you went in this week.

That bass SLAPS. You have such a wonderful groove. Great dyamics in the track, how you alternate between the high energy groove and a cappela singing. I get a 90s punk vibe. That solo at 1:33 was so appropriate and nice. Just the right tone, and type of melody. That other guitar that comes behind (is that wah?) was also very cool, to change the vibe of the track. Really cool.

you know this song kind of reminds me of sauron zuckerberg, just a little though, love the drums keep them coming... please

This put a smile on my face

Nice powerful 6-8 song.

Like the orchestration. Nice solo. Love the punchy drums.

Rock on.

"don't care what you think, don't care what you say, I care that you think you should say it to me"... ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ Absolute GOLD!!

This might be my favorite. Agreed with ViridianLoom, evokes KGLW for me and it works so well for you. I liked the guitar tone that sounds like it has a rotary speaker or something.

I might have actually liked it to go a little more out there stylistically, perhaps in the arrangement? Some totally wacky dissonant b section or some more frequent cuts around.

Loved it overall though.

b bro wrote:

you know this song kind of reminds me of sauron zuckerberg, just a little though, love the drums keep them coming... please

b bro bringing up oldies from the Blighter's Rock catalogue like a true fan. Respect.

I never knew you met my wife??? Uuum, Ex-Wife. The energy here is unbelievable. As noted, that bass is just slap-happy! Aside from the chorus (fairly straightforward), your vocabulary is showing, and clear vocals make that very clear. Excellent work as always.

roast away? SHUT UP  tongue
you tore it up here!

Love the starts and stops.  Good pop-punk vibe.  For me, and this is just me, it's a bit too much reverb on the vocals.  But I think that's just sort of your style.  You rattle off those lyrics at rapid-fire, with the slow Shut.Up.s coming into balance it, which is great.  Good solo.

I really dig the drum feel that opens this one up. Reminds me of some classic Iron Maiden. The bass guitar sounds nice and crisp too. Really dig the hard rocking feel of this tune!

that "phasey" solo is awesome.

the vocal delivery is so aces

the mix/master is so pro on this

i really want this track to be the one that closes the show!  imagine the crowd screaming along SHUT!  UP!

and then fun "SHUT UP" shirts at the merch booth.

dude, i'm catching up on all your stuff and you are not missing!  all of these are fire

Kedbreak136 wrote:

That bass SLAPS.

my dude got that jazz bass!!!!!  UGH I WANT TO BUY IT

but i don't want all those knobs

Barney Rubble wrote:

I never knew you met my wife??? Uuum, Ex-Wife.



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