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Fleeting Memories

By ViridianLoom on May 12, 2024 5:13 pm

I took some time off this week so I could just sit around at home and mentally reset. Did some house work, watched some movies and TV shows, and I've been playing the shit out of Hades 2.

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In the same boat over here. Honestly it was pretty nice just saying fuck it and not stressing over the track this week.

This is a nice relaxing ambient track! Hope you had a restful week.

I may have giggled out loud at the meme.  I enjoyed the first Hades though I staaaank at it.  So I didn't last long.  Love the pad sound in this.  It might be because I was recently listening to the Tunic soundtrack but this gave me some mood feels from that a bit.  Little bit of Twin Peaks mystique too.  I hear ya with the project_organization.  I got myself all excited before this year's that I had all these new patches, plugins, samples needing to be listened to or just cropped/organized.  Then you start going thru patches "oh this could be used in..." So it's def nice to take a breather often and lush pads are always a good way to start smile

great ambient chillout, sometimes all it takes is a couple nice patches and well-chosen chords. love the breathy / vox pas that comes in around 1:10. could have listened to this for way longer, nice work!

this is gorgeous, probably my fave this week so far.

I've been in minimal effort mode w/ WB for a while myself. just want to jam and not edit or make meaningful "BEATS" structures or whatever, and I don't even particularly enjoy that kind of music most of the time.

Hey sometimes the gaimes just gotta be played man! Chill song man smile

A nice bit of ambience that creates a chilled out atmosphere.  The vocal like sounds near the end were a particularly good sound choice.

Never heard of Hades 2, but it looks cool. The art style kinda reminds me of breath of the wild.

This is very correct.

It is good to have an intermission, taking a mental break sometimes with a different type of track.

But... did you ever get to the actual ending in the original Hades? Because the song that was probably one of the most rewarding endings of any game to me, because of the level of effort it took to get there, and because of the amazing song that plays.

I saw that early access is there, but I think I'm going to hold out for the real thing. Maybe I'm just old fashioned?

OK, enough Hades talk. Cool, cinematic sounds. Sometimes I'll hear something in a movie and think "ooh I should do something like this for WB". But I have no idea where to begin, and clearly you do. Sweet!

That comment had terribad grammarings, but whate'er you get the idear

Soft, glassy, spacious, pensive…this is a nice ambient tune. Definitely fitting for a period of decompressing and recovery. Hope you’re getting the R&R you need. (Though Hades typically has the opposite effect for me, haha.) tongue

Oh man I really like the atmosphere on this.  I'm getting like strong 60's psychedelic sci-fi energy from it... like when the main character sees the dark reality of the world and realizes the "good guys" they helped, were actually the "bad guys" all along 〣 ( ºΔº ) 〣 !?!?!?!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has ideas that aren't part of whatever track I'm working on and records it into a "please go through this at some point" type folder. For me though, the mixer I use as my primary audio interface has an SD card that I can record directly to. So whenever I have one of those moments, I can just press record... but it also means I have like several hundred 10 second clips that are named with a time stamp only, that periodically requires digging through... and I'm always surprised by how many of the "interesting" ideas are like pretty much exactly the same idea separated by several months, and the only thing that's different is the VSTi I'm playing (〃´∀`)

yeah, i'm floating over here heart

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