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Demons in the Scan Lines

By ViridianLoom on February 4, 2024 10:37 pm

Damn, had a hell of a time trying to get this song to export without issues. Rendering was producing some weird delay effect on the instruments while also stripping them of all other effects, so I had to keep doing live bounces and making tweaks for the past hour. Glad I wasn't working on this until close to the deadline.

Anyways, no vocals this time unfortunately... but I've pasted in the lyrics I tried singing with. Not sure what genre this is trying to be but my wife said it sounded horror influenced so I guess that fits.

› Poetry

› Song Notes

That's an awesome Chick Corea quote. This works well as an instrumental (though I do like your vocal melodies!). I definitely get the whole feeling uninspired by what you're working on thing (happened to me this week), but I think this turned out pretty cool - especially at the 2:09 mark when the chiptune ostinatos kick into full gear. big_smile

I really like this one. I like the dark atmosphere this tune has. I like the way the different melodic parts weave in and out of each other. Especially around 2:00 there is a lot of nice stuff going on. Although vocals would have been nice, I do think this one is melodically strong enough to also stand on its own. I think vocals will definitely be a great addition when you have them ready, but it doesn't sound incomplete without them either. That synth line at 0:45 is a really nice strong melodic statement. Maybe that was the cause of your struggle with trying to find another melody to use with vocals? Very nice work on this one, glad you were able to get it exported despite all your technical problems! Nice work!

Really like this. The retro-future vibe sounds very Gunship-esque to me. loved the use of the more subtle arpeggio around 1:50. great work!

This has such an epic, cinematic build to it. It does have some of that unsettling feeling because I'm never sure exactly where it's going next, and I think it's really neat. Really like the buzzy synth that comes in around :25, with the little hints of arp that come in and out. The breathing room you give between parts really adds a lot to the vibe.

Do you think you'll come back to this one? I think its cool that you didn't force vocals just cause. You can always add them later if you want.

Your CC quote reminds me of an interview I saw with The Mars Volta, where they talk about being conduits for ideas, and sometimes signals just aren't there. Which for me can be a good reminder to just have fun, and be patient when it comes to songwriting. Thats probably why I like WB so much even if I'm not always inspired to make noise.

Enjoyed the darkness looming on the horizon sorta feels.  The phrasing of the poetry def fits the rhythm and layout of the track.  I was hearing deep voiced sorta whispery vocals in my head sorta like Chino Moreno's Crosses.  But it works just as well as an instrumental.  Mayhaps a prelude to a track that expands on this theme...

I'm a sucker for any chiptune you do so its an insta hit for me. That explosion of awesomeness at 1:51 and is so good, I love the little beeteladoo beeteladoos!

Man I really like this one.  The main motif in the opening sets such a great dark vibe.  It's like 8-bit Darkwave... which I am 100% going to spend too many hours scouring the interent to find more of!! 

Love the chiptune type of feel along with dark elements!

Also cool to know there’s a dropdown text feature to house my future bullshit 😂

› 1:20

Love those synths vibes. Very cinematic, I wouldn't call this "horror inspired", it might be but the last part of the track feels up-lifting to me.

It's a cool building ambient sound that really feels suspenseful. I get a future dystopian kind of vibe. Like the Matrix or something.

Love the territory you are visiting. I am surprised how well the chip-arps fit into the song. And Yes, it is cinematic like hell…

Excellent vibe. Production is great, the space is lush, the synth melody is enough to tell a story, but I totally feel your reflections on the vocal stuff. I also heard that Chick quote, indeed a good advice. Music is also about space, which you show here in the first part. I thought it was super well made the way it just lets the drums, rain and synth fill the space and lumber into the picture layer by layer. I enjoyed the arp beat portion too.

I can see the horror vibe, but it could also work as a soundtrack for a thriller/suspense movie.  As others have said, it absolutely has cinematic vibes.  I think it works well as an instrumental, but maybe the lyrics could work as like a spoken word section.

Great track name, epic track content cool

ViridianLoom wrote:

Not sure what genre this is trying to be

This describes almost 100% of the stuff I make, hahahahaha...
But I definitely got dark spooky horror vibes while also holding a chiptunish quality. Very very nice!!!

love the notes and the poetry!  you don't need vocals, the poem actually sets this up nicely.

this is like Resident Evil on SNES imho

Demons In The Scan Lines was 100% my vibe for this week despite our tunes sounding nothing alike - same energy though!

From the first notes of the guitar it felt like a ViridianLoom track! However the doubling with synth (?) brings a slightly different vibe. It's more of a blade runner/noir detective track atmosphere I get there. I enjoyed this track a lot, with its sense of mystery and a great production as always. Love the arps and the synth layers around heart

great title! massive sound! (it has like a BladeRunner quality to it, maybe even Tron.. but with vampires big_smile) heart

"Demons in the scan lines" is a fantastic title
Moody, dark and evocative, love the rising tension towards the end...

Goodness me this song is exciting. This doesn't need someone singing, this needs a voice over.
- Devieus

Intriguing and cinematic, I like where this goes. Some dark and mysteriousness, but also some triumph at the last level smile Great variations and movement. Always enjoy your song notes, I love hearing about peoples experiences making music, thanks for sharing!

Curious did you debug what was causing the issues with the bouncing artifacts?

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