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Another Other

By ViridianLoom on May 5, 2024 4:51 pm

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Spoopy ending bro

Time for trench coats and egregious slow mo gunfights

This beat and bassline kick so much butt together. Between them and the eerie, spacey pad melody, feels kind of like a cross between Persona and Zero Escape, which I very much appreciate. And +1 Lukayu on that ending, those vocals were chillingly cool.

Different and very creepy. Like it.

that bass is the star here (for me). menacing and smelling of clove cigs. really mixed just right. i often struggle to mix bass in with such presence without overwhelming the mix. nice work!

A solid rhythm section is arguably the most important part of any guitar driven track anyway right... great exercise. And you executed it to tremendous effect.  I feel like this is very much back in VtM Bloodlines territory, but like in a mowing down mostly trivial minions on the way to a big boss fight way.  Like we have already gotten the MacGuffin that makes us unstoppable, and we are learning how powerful it is, while slowly building some tension towards that last (actually hard) fight... but in a dark and macabre world... oh you know what... maybe a Legacy of Kain game... they ALL ended that way, and this piece would fit in any of them I think... great vibe. 

The synths add a nice moody touch to the proceedings.  I actually felt a little bit of a Radiohead vibe at the beginning.  Not so much by the time the vocals kicked in, but there was a sort of similar atmospheric feeling for a bit.

agree with JWH, dat bass! Love the vocals and the spooky sounds at the end. hell yeah

What you got on the fx for the drums and bass? They sound killer esp the drums.

Background FX behind the vox also epic

Gave me some gritty Reznor vibes immediately with the cymbal/snare combo in the beat and the gritty bassline.  Dark 90s feels when your vocals come in too.  Damn that bass sounds so good during that too.  More "others"!

Solid groove right away, loving that bassline. Synth flowing well, no guitar choice a good one! Vocals cap it off nicely

That intro took me straight to Deftones with the drum beat and sound. Great buildup with the bass riff - LOVE that tone, maybe a bit like 80s goth bass tone (maybe that's just me). The dreamy guitars (or synth) in the back are great. The MOOD in this track is really good. There is a sense of tension with the bass riff, maybe mystery with the pad sound, and a great groove with the drums. I really love the result, this is my jam. Love the vocal layers as well. This is movie soundtrack territory, a la The Crow of the 1994.

That dirty subtle bass is tasty af.

Oh wow I like that punchy opening! The bass line is awesome. This whole thing grooves really well! The whispered vocals are really fun. I like this one a lot! It has a whole ambience to it. Really really good work!

It's another otter!

Tired: I dunno what kind of guitar part to write for this song.
Wired: What if Gary Numan.

Splendid result!

Kind of impossible not to bop back and forth to this one. The song was almost over and I thought "wait, weren't there lyrics?" and then they kicked in. Nice.

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