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Suspended for a year (parts I-III)

By underground Luau on April 14, 2024 9:12 pm

some jams and song ideas feat. Jesse

having a hard time turning these ideas into fleshed out songs

the mix is a work in progress

I like the way you glued the jams together. It kept interesting and exciting to listen to. There were a lot of golden moments in your jams. Great stuff.

unsettling in ways, but also... comforting. really nice mix here - not easy to do with all the elements you brought in! i really like the sound of the acoustic guitar on this one.  heart

I thought this was really good!  Great separation of acoustics and I dig the intercut sounds and unexpected places it goes.

I really like this. There's some cool sound stage things happening to my ear with back-of-the-room drums, some sounds coming from above and below center horizon all while the guitars swirl around the head. The abrupt recording cut with commentary. Some aggressive panning that somehow works really well. The 3-part form. A lot going on here and it comes together nicely smile Listened to it a few times. Well done heart

There is something evocative about the title (Suspended for a year) combined with the restless energy of the music, a longing to escape the suspension, through the music, by expressing it. Don't know if that was an intended connection or not, but I find it fascinating. I love it how you can allow for this dynamic/erratic/full of life type of performing, which can be hard for me to do. I tend to stick more to a structure and am awed when I hear more experimental ways of performing. Inspirational.

fantastic work. such a good atmosphere on this.

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