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wistful woodlanders (feat. levelcapybara)

By Tone Matrix on July 7, 2024 3:27 pm

Always been a big fan of levelcapybara and his lush calming orchestrations.  Have you heard his track "Summer Looms"? No!? Go nao!  But seriously, he sent me a chord progression idea he thought I could add some noodles over a few weeks ago.  I wasn't quite sure what to do at first but after a very productive week previously I was able to sink my teef into this project with new ideas.  To be honest though all I basically did was add some piano chords to support the already lovely ambient track from levelcapybara.  After sending the piano to him he added a beat and a few more instruments to help solidify the track. If you're visiting here first be sure to stop by his page smile  https://weeklybeats.com/levelcapybara
Phew after these past 2 weeks, I feel a noodle on it's way tongue
hope you are well, heart

Thanks for listening and thank you levelcapybara!

Another great collaborative effort.  It seems your piano chords really mesh well with a lot of different styles, which actually doesn't surprise me that much. A lot of songs can benefit from beautiful piano playing, and in turn you've been given some great source material to add your piano to.

Some strong Morricone vibes coming out of this track, really liking it.  Gotta agree, another great collab.

oh wow!! such a lovely combination of both of your strengths! will def be coming back to this one heart

This was a very majestic flight. Thank both of you.

Yeah, again beautiful work!

You guys did pretty good again!

Ah, lovely! heart

This is a lovely track, I'm getting Trevor Jones vibes from it... not sure why exactly, but very nice composition. 

This also happened?!? I think the piano part fits beautifully in this song and is played with way more finesse than you give yourself credit for. Awesome track.

love the collabs, another lovely addition.

Very wistful float through the woodlands. Love it. Made the day better indeed, sparking the imagination. Yay again for collabs!!

Really beautiful track (and image). I'm intrigued about the title BTW.

The bells at 1:30 and the whole chorus give the whole track an epic atmosphere. Excellent work from both of you

Lovely, a mellow, evolving, chill musical moment, really nice.

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