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Nevermind the Ice and Snow

By Tone Matrix on February 10, 2024 11:44 pm

This week’s inspiration comes from the honorable JWH’s week 5 track, “Let’s keep going”.
I enjoyed the song so much that it became an ear worm and inspired me to learn the chords so I could happily noodle along.
Something about those guitar bends and the heartfelt lyrics made me feel like I was listening to one of my fav singer/songwriters like Elliott Smith.
Welp after learning the chords I couldn’t help but start to put something together.  Not so much a cover but I guess a reaction or interpretation of how the song made me feel.
After getting Josh’s approval I was off to the inspired races (is that a thing i dunno).
But then Ableton said “OH NO you caint!”

Quickly we avert our eyes to the technical drama of the week.
Ever since upgrading my MacOS and Ableton’s version to 11 I have been experiencing weird crashes and erratic mouse movement.  The crashes I thankfully figured out after scouring the logs (that makes me sound much more intelligent than I really am). But the meese movement was really starting to affect the workflow of everything.  Basically I’d go to click in the middle of a clip and it instead would interpret that movement as me clicking and throwing the mouse off the table across the room.  So at times if I wasn’t 100% wide eyed paying attention to my clicks it could be very destructive and just toss a chunk of audio/midi to the right of the track.  At one point I noticed “hey why is the piano part not playing?” “Oh there it is, 5mins down the time line!”

Most of the sounds are all internal for me.  Which is sometimes convenient and sometimes nawt.  This time it twas not!
The Roland RD700GX which is always where my one Piano sound comes from has to be recorded manually from the midi track.
Well this time my OCDness got the better of me when I would try to record the piano it wasn’t showing the correct volume on the meter.  But when I played it back, the meter was much louder and just totally off from what I “thought” it should be. 
I def could have used a timeout or break because I think I had something like one setting on a compressor turned on and didn’t even realize it was on.  But noooo I spent a good chunk of about 4 hours obsessively trying to get it to record at that exact volume.   It’s usually the last step before mixing so I was so set on getting it recorded so I could slap my hands together and say “i finished early yay me!” 
But no there were many angry words said at the p00ter. (sorry p00ter)
I ended up just recording it as is and of course once I calmed down and put the mix together the next day, it laid in just right volume wise for the finalizing process.  Go figure…  I def need to trust my ears more than these “precise” numbers and such. 
I get so hung up on trying to do things exactly right (in my mind) that it can sometimes be a bit exhausting and frustrating. Just like reading this description *stickless rimshot*

But in the process of channeling all that frustration I managed to accidentally add another section to the track.
I had so much nervous slightly perturbed energy building up inside me as I waited for my p00ter to reboot I was silently pummeling the Roland with ostinatos and arps.  Which when it came back up turned into a whole new section yay!

So this week’s moral of the story.. STFU Eric.. no seriously I keed I keed.  But each week has sorta felt like a lesson for me personally.  Whether it be feeling comfortable with the loudness of a track or learning to just keep going and trust my ears.  The end at least has resulted in a small triumphant_win sorta feeling.

Back to the original track by JWH.  I wish I played guitar, sang and could song-write like dat.  Tanks for the inspiration fraind!
and tanks wbeez for reading & listening!

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

an honor, my friend. your playing is so soulful & i still don't have the words...
other than THANK YOU heart

This feels like a very emotional piece, you did a great job with the tune. Awesome to see cross pollination like this in the community smile

Nice, calm, and uplifting. Well done. smile

beautiful wizard!

i love those subtle scrapy sounds underneath, everything perfectly placed for maximum impact heart

Dude, computer/gear problems bum me out so much now a days.  Sorry you had to deal with all that this week.

Really cool piece this week though, so uplifting.  Love that arp section at the end too, glad some good came from all the issues you had.

The song you finalized after your trouble-trip, came out very nice. The emotional substance is giving me an Elliott Smith says goodbye for the last time feeling. I am very sorry for the technical difficulties you are having this year. I must be very happy that I upgraded 3 macs (2010,2011,2015) of mine this week as well to high sierra successfully and than installed ableton live11 without any problems.
I always never wanted to change my running system, but now I am very satisfied with the ability of the version 11.

Very smooth and emotional

Nice pianos again. Very pleasant listen.

A really cool interpretation/spin on JWH's track.  Sorry to hear about the technical issues.  There's nothing worse than when you're inspired and ready to create and you have to waste time trying to figure out something that's not working instead. 

Glad you made it through the tech issues to get this out. Lovely!

Love the melody—love that it has a melody.

This one, like most of yours just make be pause and listen and reflect. Here I am chopping some veggies, and I gotta put down the knife and just listen to that nice melody and just zone out and enjoy. My wife must have heard the chopping stop, came in the kitchen and said what a nice song! smile
I thought, are those jwh's songs chords?
haha, I kid, I didn't know that until I read it, and that's an awesome idea for inspiration, great song inspiring great song.
I love how each week making music there's some many learnings to learn. Sounds like your week had some challenges. I get some ableton crashes too, never the movey mouse, yikes!
Love that last part, cool how that came about! Thanks for another great song!

Great inspiration for the track, I like hearing your story that goes with each weeks production.  I hate it when stuff just doesn't work one day but it worked the other day, in the end it usually is some small thing that set off a cascade of problems.  This is a beautiful piece of music and great outro, wasn't expecting that at the end.

This was a beautiful piece. It is hopeful and optimistic. It also reminds me of the stone beaches of the atlantic ocean, looking at the waves while seagulls fly above.

Really nice track, I have a variety of gear as well and it is always interesting when I try and get them all talking together, but when it does ..., it's why we twist the knobs, well done!

Beautiful melody, now stuck in my head.  Has kind of a country music vibe to it which is welcoming.  Don't let the technical issues spoil the fun... it can be a drag but your music is sounding great!

Quite melancholic and almost syrupy in sweetness.  I found the little percussive tones drew my ears deeper into the mix.  A nice addition.

We take these small wins, and this song is a big one, we take those too.
- Spider

Assuming that the last minute addition to the song is the part that starts at 4:28, it was definitely a nice expansion on what you had before smile

And damnnn, you've been having these ableton problems for a few weeks huh? Sorry for the technical issues.

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