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move past time (feat. jwh)

By Tone Matrix on June 30, 2024 9:18 pm

If I had one word to describe this week it would be. YAY!
If I had to type more words to give you more details I'd say....
jwh contacted me with a song idea that played off the chord progression idea I used for my week 25 track, "Anything to pass the time".  The whole I II IV dominant 2nd thing that Elliott Smith loved to use in many of his songs. 
We started pretty early in the week sending tracks back and forth.  The main rhythm of the song took root from a drum loop on the Yamaha DD5 drum machine.  Josh was able to get his good friends Bil (drums) and Doty (backup vox) to contribute with some inspiring tracks.  Once Bil sent over his drum track the song really started to take form and direction.  The bridge to the chorus was a fun discovery of how songs can change as they're being written. Everything was mixed down and given the final touches by jwh. The funny thing is I had way more energy and inspiration fueling me this week than I normally do with my noodles.  It was refraishing feeling like I had this unlimited amount of creativity to unleash. I am super honored and proud of working with Josh, Bil & Doty on this.  It felt like I was in a band again back in college smile  Thanks for listening and thank you Josh for including me! Weeeeeee! smile
PS be sure to check out jwh's page!
https://weeklybeats.com/jwh/music/move- … one-matrix

truly a joy and honor, my friend.

Yay for collaborations!  Sounds great and captures the full band feel well.  And a really nice meshing of your styles.

this is magic wizard - just gorgeous work heart happy week 26!!!

Instant favorite... really great song!  On like every level.  I even love the origin story. 

Tone Matrix & jwh Double NOODLE!!!   

This song is so touching. A diamond.

All I can say is wow, this is full of so much, really awesome.

Really nice collab here. Like how you exchanged ideas and tracks and started with a drum loop to build this into a cohesive mix of a full band sound. That's awesome! I especially like how the energy shifts up a notch with the piano punching through at 1:44.  Nice job to all.

As I just mentioned on jwh page, it is awesome to hear your work on a more "pop" track.

Solid song, beautiful production. Thanks for this!

I always listen to both of you guys so great surprise to hear this collab,  awesome how this came together and the flow of how the track was completed.  Perfect halfway weekly beat!

Wonderful. I am in awe of both yours and Josh's ability to make such a wonderful collaboration in such a short time - everything is perfect here. And I love your piano and synth - I was waiting for the synth - and it's simple but it's just so *right*. Really awesome. Thanks to you both heart

Nice one, all of you.  More than impressed that this collab was done in a week, you all must gel really well.  3rd listen and really digging it

Passing along the love. smile Y'all should get together often!

I'll say it again, this is a beautiful song and a magical collab. Hats off to you both! big_smile

LOVE it! I wrote this on jwh post:
I have been hoping for the jwh Tone Matrix collab. And of course its just lovely. Captivated me, wrapping up in the warmth. Sounds so good. Great lyrics, the piano just taking us up up and away to float. Great job to you both! Now I'll comment again on TB page! Do an album smile

I really really liked reading your notes here. So true how a collab can be so inspiring and exciting, cheers to you and jwh and collabing!

Love a good crossover episode big_smile

Love the team effort. The results speak for themselves.

I already commented on the other one, but I just needed to do so here as well: amazing job. Such a great vibe and energy coming off this track. Fantastic work, y'all.

What a fun thing to be catching up on listening and find out this happened! Musically, this track is overflowing with joy and feels like such a natural merging of your talents. Instant favorite for me.

Oh, I've never heard this pop-oriented side of you. Definetely, you can feel some Elliot Smith vibes here.

Amazing work, indeed. I have to check JWH's work now.

The piano chords at around 3:20 gave me a powerful seventies-era Billy Joel vibe. And I love the tiny details, like the strings and guitars at the left of the mix.

Beatiful track, for sure.

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