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Inner Peace

By Tone Matrix on June 16, 2024 1:31 pm

Hai... I really didn't have the proper energy for a noodle this week.  So here's a super ambient moodle.  Hooray for Fmaj to Cmaj.  *shrug*  2 pads from Zebra2, 1 pad from Diva, 1 piano and 1 e.piano from Mr. RD700GX, drum squishies from SR88, salt to taste.  Thank you for listening and commenting.  I hope you all had a nice week and are well heart  *awkward_polywaves*

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CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

“Drum squishies? What are those?”


Yep, those are absolutely drum squishies.

Love the contrast of the drums with the ambient synth. Beauty and dirt.

This felt somewhat like floating in a big squishy cloud.  It was soothing, comfortable, and gave me positive feelings.  The percussive elements added an interesting bit of texture to the proceedings as well.  This is a place I wouldn't mind revisiting regularly.

Your pads and keys are, as always, beautiful to listen to.  But that scratchy sound moving throughout the track is something else, something uncertain just below the surface.  Great work.

Beautiful. That squishy beat feels so tiny and perfect in the sea of pads you've laid out here. heart

Beautiful soothing moodle. the frogmanloop is pretty cool. Have a nice week too.

This has the feel of the closing credits track to a space odyssey sci-fi flic. The drum squishies add a soothing contrast to the ambient pads. It's like hearing the frequency of dark matter.  The subtle pianos give depth and structure and meaning through this cosmic sound journey.  Really nice moodle. 

thank you for this gift. listened on repeat while making dinner tonight.
needed this inner peaace

yeah this is really soothing, the granulated textures really add to it maybe more grindies than squishies to my ear haha

Beautiful, please remind me to play this for my frogs

I REALLY like the atmosphere in this piece.  So much movement... very hypnotic.  Really nice mix too, it's really easy to start down and ambient road and end up with a muddy mess, but you seem to navigated those byways with out a spot of mud to be found. 

That organic squishy noise is perfect to infuse a lot of gritty sounds in there. The piano dynamics are so good! That piano chord at 2:52 resonates so well, gave me goosebumps. And you're using the pad that sound like waves ebbing and flowing. What a cool one!

just caught a glimpse of the full moon rising up peaking out between the treetops
a breeze is starting to blow this heat dome away
what a perfect soundtrack

How did you make that squishy drum distortion? It's beautiful and fits the rest of the track super well!

My new favorite ambient squish track smile Beautifully layered, love the feeling of the piano followed by pads.

Beautiful rhythms happening here, and a lush and peaceful feeling of bliss. Music to watch the clouds on a summer sky smile

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