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Forgiveness Is Warm In My Dreams

By Tone Matrix on February 25, 2024 8:15 pm

Originally I thought this was going to mostly be another noodle but the more I heard the main repeating ostinato the more tiny supportive elements I heard.  No big sweeping epic melodies or transitions.  Just me finding a quiet place to zone out, close my eyes and dream alone. 
Some day mayhaps those dreams will become a bit more real.

On a lighter note: If anyone has any mechanical keyboard/good meese recommendations have at it.  Uninstalled/Reinstalled Ableton this week (per tech support's request) and nada same diff.  So I'm hoping a decent mechanical pushy button keyboard and a good mouse/trackpad/ball or something can help alleviate this angry mouse situation.  Tanks fer readin/listenin any and every time yew do.  Also listening to last week's music and reading everyone's descriptions helped steer me in a better positive direction.  Tanks fer dat heart

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Damn, NOT fun that you are having those issues with Ableton.

Again, smooth pianos, I like those "noises" under it. Cool delay on the piano as well.


Hang in there. heart
This is beautiful and builds nicely. Sweet dreams!

here for the piano, well done.

Oh yeah, this one's really nice.  Epic and cinematic and some cool unexpected noises in there, too.  Outro is really nice.

I love how gentle it is, I can really appreciate that. Feels very nice.
- Spider

just lovely

Very beautiful track. Wanna collab sometime?

Lovely indeed! I see how that ostinato called more ideas to mind, cool when noodles call for more toppings. When the rich deep pads come in, so powerful. Love how this builds as you add the ideas. The glitchy little percussions are nice touch. I hope the dreams this conjured come true or provide much dreamy enjoyment like this song!

Oh yeah meese and keys. You apple person? I sure love apple magic mouse, you can horizontal swipe, which is handy in ableton going through arrangement view, across long device chains and such. Sorry still having the probs with that though! The meese and keyz idea seems promising though! meese can be pesky critters.

I feel better listening/having listened to this! Thank you for the healing music!

I really appreciate this kind of peaceful, meditative music. Also, really beautiful name for this particular song, I think that's a bit overlooked wink

On the subject of mechanical keyboards: I have two mechanical keyboards, a Ducky One (The expensive kind) which I use for my work desk and a Keychron K10 (the cheaper kind) which I use for my music/gaming desk. Personally, I love the Keychron. The Duck is nice but I don't think it's quality to money ratio exceeds the Keychron that much. The important thing to me is that it feels good, looks nice with some RGB, and I have the option to swap out the switches to something later. I believe the keychron uses Gateron Browns and I've been perfectly happy with them since I got it.

this one hit me right in the feels...

Wow... solid arrangement with the strings.  The lower piano notes strike like thunder. Soothing but powerful. I watched the film Spaceman on Netflix last night and this has a similar vibe of melancholy and catharsis.

This could be a soundtrack for an eternal friendship. Wonderful. Good luck on Ableton and your sucking mousetrap.

Love the title of this one, another great tune to close your eyes and just "listen". Those crunchy drums/perc add a nice layer but don't distract at all from the piano.

the squarbles are so good

TM, i think you are so great and so talented and just wow

the end

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