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deep breath

By Q-Rosh on May 5, 2024 12:25 pm

My time management this week was much better, so that I had more hands on the mix and could finish it stressfree on sunday morning. Here I was working on a guitar recording and added bass, moog and live drumplaying onto an unspecular beat. the whole result was the debut song for my new mac mini. I think, it was doing a good job.

Absolutely mesmerizing. Your longform pieces have been taking us on some incredible journeys this year. heart

deep breath, for real!
this is the path i am taking tonight. thanks for lighting the way, Q-Rosh

*i particularly love the clicky high-end of the bass.

Drums are super chill. Nice journey again, excellent guitar tones. Rock on!

That was an epic ride.  The lead line sounds great.  Fantastic textures.

Hell yeh

The title then the music too, inspired me take a few deep breaths, which felt good, I needed that. Enjoying this one, unfolding laid back but confident with something to say too. That lead is like hey hey hear what I say! Getting far out now ... right on, riding this wave of psychedelic flow. Yes, thank you.

Always a fan of your music but especially the longer journeys like this.  Those opening chords set the mood immediately and had me settling in for that deep breath jam.  Love how you melt those synth arps into the background as the gritty solo takes charge.  Dang and live drumming?  This flows so well from beginning to end.  Excellent mix and just an overall mood changer for the better feels.  Oh and those bass notes around the 6min mark, Ooof! Hit so well.  So many nice elements to this that don't overbear each other. I would love to play in a jam setting like this again someday.  Awesome vibes and i feel betta!

perhaps it was the shaker but i think it's more the general vibe - i want to sit and drink an amaro somewhere pretty and relaxed with this playing enjoying a sunset

it really does feel like that moment you take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment you are in

I really like the feel of this track and the lead playing is very cool.  So laid back with an element of psychedelia.  The live drum element also adds a lot to the track also.  Have you heard the song Maggotbrain?  I think you would like.  smile

A delightful mess, the guitar isn't even trying to be on beat. It's just on another plane of existence.
- Devieus

it has a very psychedelic vibe that i really like. love the lofi-ish sound of the drums. fuzzy lead guitar, synth arp, groovy bassline.


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