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A meadow at dusk

By Beefpounder on May 5, 2024 12:32 pm

I started goofing around with an arpeggiator and some "nature" synths and just dove headfirst into being cozy as hell this week. It's simple and short, but gets the job done I think.

Once everything came together I couldn't stop thinking about a trip to Maryland couple years back. Warm evenings, wind running through the woods around the house we stayed at, and torchbugs all over the place. Then I'd snap back and realize I'm still in the hell pit of southern Arizona.

Anyways, doom and dungeon on the menu for next week.


Yeah man, that was super cozy - the repetition made it almost meditative.  Looking forward to next weeks doom as always but damn if that track wasn't just perfect as we (Australia) head towards winter.

Damn, so relaxing smile

Super chill and pretty. Love that bell synth and the warbling synth pad. Whole thing gives me retro-PSX vibe like Pseudoregalia.

I really loved this from the get go. This is very cozy and relaxing! Also it's pretty hilarious that you and I both randomly chose to use times of day in a meadow as the titles for our tunes this week. I was pretty confused by your comment at first but then I saw your track and burst out laughing. Somebody needs a daybreak tune! Really nice tune! This is certainly a change of pace but I really liked it. The sparkly synths and swirly air sounds in the background are a really nice tough. Makes me think of fireflies swirling around in a breeze.

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