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Thanks For Absolutely Nothing

By orangedrink on April 26, 2020 11:20 pm

Due to popular demand YUNG GRANDPA IS BACK!  Music was done by recording a live performance of the Model:Cycles, and then edited down to fit the verses.  Added compression, eq, and a filter at the end.  Used an SM7B for the vocals and compressed the heck out of it to get some grit.  The chord is a Maj9no5 and I only know that because you have to dial in chords on the Cycles, you can't play them smile

100% didn't want to work on music today, but yet again, working on stuff puts me in zone and I end up having a ton of fun.  I love the Cycles, I love FM synthesis, and I love hip-hop! heart  I feel like I am becoming a better MC, mainly from getting more confidence from recording, writing, and performing.  I did this today (Sunday) in about 5 hours.  Thanks to everyone for listening, leaving awesome comments, and most importantly, continuing to make music against all odds.  I said it before and I'll keep saying it, this is the power for music and art and this is why it is so important to me.  Thanks everyone!  Hope to see you at my show this Friday, May 1st!



Yung Grandpa walkin’ down the street
Got a little swing cause I got that Cycles on that beat - hey!
You’re in the front row, at an Orange Drink show
What do you wanna know?

I’m only shy when I’m by myself
The only way to get by is to lie about my mental health
Damaging self-talk, can’t stop saying it
Someone gave me the tape, but I’m the one playing it

You wanna know what hurts the most?
The things that I’m attracted to are things they say are gross
And then I try to act another way
How can I not?  Every word I say "sounds gay"

Constantly defending myself is a lot of fun
Thanks for not inviting me, I didn’t want to come
No one understands me and I don’t know how it happened
I must be a comedian ‘cause everybody’s laughing

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

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April 27, 2020 11:29 am

I love this! Getting Aesop Rock / clouddead / why? vibes from this.

April 27, 2020 5:10 pm

yes! love your rappin!
This is extremely funky shizzle, man!

Take care!

April 27, 2020 8:16 pm

Great flow and the backing music is excellent.

April 28, 2020 12:34 am

April 28, 2020 1:14 am

Woah! Unexpected and very satisfying! Reminds me of MC Paul Barman, heh

April 28, 2020 9:42 am

That's good to have that variety on weekly beats. Good MC job there!

April 28, 2020 2:16 pm

this sounds great and professional to me. supergood rapping, man. take care.

April 30, 2020 5:48 am
Bleeoop wrote:

I love this! Getting Aesop Rock / clouddead / why? vibes from this.

Spot on with they WHY? comparison.  Definitely sounds like them.  This is great!

April 30, 2020 12:34 pm

Awesome beat! Glad to see/hear the return of YUNG GRANDPA.

I had not heard of a Maj9no5 (I assume it is just a Maj9 without the 5th?) I dialed up a CMaj9no5 in you-know-what and it's pretty interesting. The 9th (D) would most likely be played an octave above the C to give it that "9th" sound. It's pretty cool. If I had to guess, you are playing AbMaj9no5 -> GbMaj9no5, which I believe would be a "chromatic mediant" type relationship -- basically just two chords that share two or more common notes. Good explainer video courtesy of Brendan

April 30, 2020 10:26 pm

Yung Grandpa rocks! When are you going to get some YGP swag like T-shirts, a tennis hat, maybe some limited run sneakers. Hope to see this on Friday.

May 2, 2020 5:26 pm

An absolute pro one.
I like your different styles this Jear

May 3, 2020 8:07 pm

Damn dude.

Also, I'd love to see one of your shows, but 2 AM is the timeslot you generally give to people you hate the second most (right behind 4 AM), so I guess I'll stick to the videos.

May 3, 2020 9:20 pm

yay!  yung grampa's back!

May 5, 2020 3:16 am

Fantastic beat, love the synth that comes in midway, not just great lyrics but great delivery, want to hear more of this!

May 5, 2020 4:43 am

A total 180 from last week's rocker but I love this too!

May 5, 2020 4:45 am

I'm posting from the future...listened to your last few out of order, I meant a total 180 from next week's rocker! tongue

May 7, 2020 11:01 pm

Alright, Yung Gramps returns! Digging. this track. Awesome beat, great lyrics.

And yes, yes, couldn't agree more, nice to hear you say this:

" ... this is the power for music and art and this is why it is so important to me."

Going to find your show in YT!!

May 8, 2020 1:13 pm

w00t! Yung Grandpa in zee house!  Excellent use of the model:cycles and really enjoyed that main calming chord progression.  That floaty synth pad is extra pleasing too.  Well done!

May 13, 2020 3:51 am

Loving all those FM suff, great flow.

August 12, 2020 12:52 am

Ok what the HELL. This is so fucking awesome. YUNG GRANDPA FOREVER

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