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Shoe-shaped Limousine

By N_ronvaldez on January 7, 2024 9:01 pm

I spent way too much time, say, automating weird formant harmonies & designing drums instead of "filling the minute".

Anyway, just a bunch of portamento study to eliminate excess horizontal space and keep the suspensions sounding fresh -- 2 four-bar loops interleaved with each other which i reharmonized using delay, etc. effects in SunVox and then i was able to add the last 2x4-bar loop(s) using just the SoundCanvas which turned out all right.

I cant use the SoundCanvas from scratch, I have to create a huge tonal spectrum to work up to it, because it's like 20c sharper than what's in my head.

Elegant composition! I especially liked the second movement. Your process sounds quite complex, I'd love to see a "making of" video.

Nice opening. Digging the creepy weird vibes!

@fetalface Thanks 'Face! I'll try to do one in a couple of weeks.
@glittercritter Thank you smile

love the melody at the beginning, sort of cryptic and out of tune

Very interesting and trippy!

Welcome back! This is rad, like an unnerving sound collage. Love the title too!

SQF wrote:

cryptic and out of tune


hhuwoa wrote:

interesting and trippy


pineapple_dan wrote:

Welcome back! This is rad, like an unnerving sound collage

Thanks Dan, welcome back! I wanna capture the lifelikeness of a sound collage without actually going through a bunch of samples lol. It's good to see you!

Crazy stuff, some interesting things happening in here, nice. Great title!

That was awesome, what the hell, I don't understand most of the words you said (well I do individually but not together) but I like what I heard?

musique concrète's not dead wink

I love how it turns into an SNES game at the end big_smile

miraclemiles wrote:

rm wrote:

Thank you kindly!

XC3N wrote:

musique concrète's not dead

haha, music concrete will outlive civilisation yikes

love the driving tension, nice work

Oh yeah, a sound sculpting experiment! With splashes of color here and there, accents, and vibes! I love the experiment!

nice glitching and then morphing into those fun pads!  i'd second a video about the process, i think that would be really interesting.

so creative, love the result!

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