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time and season

By midimachine on January 21, 2024 11:02 am

old school vocal trance smile 148bpm d minor, dj-friendly outro smile normally i'd make a tune like this in a vintage version of fruityloops, but i decided to try to make a tune like this with newer software and techniques smile


there is a place you can call home somewhere between the flesh and bone
the place you were called to from the start
one day you'll find it, they cannot hide it in the dark
cause you were born with a bigger heart

don't give up, keep hanging on and on and on
you're gonna be there once again
believe in love, keep moving on and on and on
you're gonna make it in the end

Audio works licensed by author under:
Copyright All rights reserved

Sounds like some parties I remember going to in the 90's.  I like the vocals and that the lyrics have a nice uplifting message.

Nice synths, Those breakdowns are fun. Sounds really good too, mix is great. This pumping kick cuts!

I like the vocal production as well.

Is it FruityLoops still but current version? Never tried this software... I feel this is the kind of music that would be more fun to listen to thru huge sound system and not my little ear buds. smile

Ohhh my God I love this. There's a special place in my heart for old skool vocal trance and this definitely soothes my soul. Nice work!

hot diggity damn, nailed the orthodox vocal trance sound in the best way.  the lyrics also hit the trance sweet spot of vaguely poetic and uplifting but earnest enough to not descend into self-parodying corniness either lol.  the vocals sit well!  overall with a bit of extra mixing spitshine you can sneak this into a music store shelf hehe

This was an epic trance journey - this was an unexpected party I didn’t know I needed

Wow, wasn't prepared to be hit with something like this! Brilliant!

Wow, this is such a great production! Sounds great and got me moving this morning!

Solid beat and comfy vocals, good work
- Ebrit

All I can say, is I'm really grateful to be hearing this track for the first time while at home, because there is no way to hear this and not dance.  Wonderful arrangement, solid mix, it's a jam... ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬

Solid track indeed.  Dig that weaving bassline through the beat and definite club flashbacks.  Haha.

very well done, loved this!

8 minutes makes this one of the longer pieces here but it flows so well that it passes very quickly. It's very energetic and somewhat inexplicably nostalgic, which is what I'm often trying to hit with my work. But genrewise this is some 10-ish years ahead of my entry this week (and most weeks 😅). Thematically it's an answer to my entry's posted question. Quite optimistic!

Huge one, epic, well done!

really nicely done, hits you right in the feels like all good trance should

What can I say that the others haven't already? This is pretty much perfect.

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