Theme for Week 6 is "Absolutely No 4/4"

Hard Mode: Your song must include at least one time signature change

Insane Mode: Your song must be written in a time signature other than 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, or 6/8

Previous Themes:

Week 1 - First Week
Week 2 - Whatever
Week 3 - Black Metal
Week 4 - Shared Melody

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repitched delays

gotta go fast (200+ bpm)

No 4/4

I thought about asking permission to cover a song, that could be a theme.

Not everyone might get permission to cover a song. I like the no 4/4 idea.

i vote no 4/4

DataJanitor wrote:

Not everyone might get permission to cover a song. I like the no 4/4 idea.

You might not get permission to cover one song, but you can keep asking other artists for other songs.

Granted, this takes a bit of time to get through the gears of bureaucracy, so perhaps it's best to plan ahead of time and do this for week 10 or something.

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midimachine wrote:

gotta go fast (200+ bpm)

I vote this, but no 4/4 sounds fun too.

No 4/4. big_smile

Everybody must yodel.

+1 for yodeling. Yodel jam week. Yes.

Yeah I'm with no 4/4.  Suits me, I want to do some 6/8 jams anyway.

I'm in still, 7/4 needs more attention.

Yeah, I've been thinking about experimenting with 15/8 and other various prog timings. Good motivation to do so! Might have to be more death metal though.

I've actually been working on a rather depressing alt-country song that I've been holding back on finishing because of all these themes, haha. Maybe theme for week 6 could be country.. haha!

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No 4/4 sounds interesting. For a future week maybe tempo and/time signature changes in a song.