So, I figured that, for this year of Weekly Beats, it'd probably be a good idea to focus on just one specific thing and grow in that area. Does anybody have any goals or plans of things they're planning on focusing on this year?

For me, I'm planning on only doing recorded non-electronic pieces for at least a month or two. My goal is to get decent at live recording instruments and vocals, and to flex my composing muscles more.

If you've got a goal for this year, post it below! I'd love to see what everybody's doing this year.


I dont even know what kind of track im going to do for week one. I am still getting used to my new speakers, so im sure my mix will suck, and well. dunno... i will be very surprised if i last longer than a few weeks this time.. anyways.. [email protected] it's back wink

this year i really want to push the quality of the music i write to a new level while keeping the quick workflows i established in WB12.  i dont have specifics in mind as for genre/medium but i would expect most of it to be through lsdj and/or ableton live.  but if i learned anything last time around its that a year is a long time! 8)  good luck to everyone and have fun!

Largely I'll be doing study pieces for other work I'm doing, I think. Actually I have no idea.

Probably just the same dumb shit i did last year.

I think I'll limit myself to hardware/acoustic instruments. No limits for genre though. I want to start writing pop music so maybe that might end up happening?

god has a plan for all of us

I have this fart making machie i bought at spencers that im going to run through a distortion pedal alot.

i've got a few things to pick and choose from, assuming i'm even able to keep this up for a couple of weeks:

- generally learning how not to be a total noob anymore with cubase/reaper/ableton/etc
- finishing up any of the .IT's that have been sitting in my unfinished/ folder for 10-15 years
- LSDJ sound design explorations
- experimentations with various orchestra vst's
- putting my condenser mic to good use for sampling, field recording and/or vocal work maybe???!?!
- i was gifted a TNS-HFC3 recently in japan which means i can put my childhood famicom to good use for some hardware-recorded NSF's

i think one thing i'd like to do to make this manageable is to actually aim for the minimum 1-minute length for all tracks (unless i experience a miraculous dose of inspiration).  it's the only way i can guarantee time for my other projects throughout the year.

I am really not a one set path kinda of person. I find enjoyment jumping from sound to sound. I hope to post more non-chip music this year. Ive been working on new types of music, 2014 will be year of experimenting for me i think. At the same time im writing 2xlsdj tracks so some of those might make debuts on here. In any case its going to be blank canvas for me, just the way i like it wink

Try to improve myself as a musician, and to use every bit of kit I have in the house at some point.

I have a couple goals I would like to accomplish.
1. create tracks out of the hundreds of 1 pattern songs I started, worked on for 5 minutes, and never revisited.
2. make use of the many different pieces of hardware I slowly amassed throughout 2013.
3. break out of creative ruts and writers blocks by brute force and new and interesting means.
4. write a song a week for a year.

Actually write some music. It's been a while.

Seeing a bit of a trend here, however.

-- Use (as in, *really use!!*) some of this hardware I've either built or purchased over the years (but not limited to)
- CHIP: finish building and play with SammichSID
- MidiNES (Stereo Modded NES), LTC1799 Modded DMG, DMG vs Electribe ESX via MIDI Sync
- Use GEM Wizard 326 Organ -- break that. (break it lovingly) (just make good use of it!!)
- Circuit Bend and use my TR-505!!!
- Write some MIDI interface using an EEG kid's toy I've recently hacked to convert brainwaves to midi data via arduino serial data... (it's like a random number generator but not so random)
- Play with Renoise 3.0 Beta!!
- Learn and Play with AudioGL (!!!)
- Get better at Keyboard/Piano improv! (improve in general) (I stemmed from playing keyboard as a kid...)

-- There is probably heaps more.. I should get a whiteboard....

I want to also release some source when possible (XRNS, Processing) (aforementioned EEG MIDI thingy)

And....most of all actually release a song every week... without fail - no more unfinished stems, they can go somewhere too! (tho, feeling a lot more positive and actively creative about it this year)

Ok, today is record day, see you all in just under T-Minus 2 days to go! smile

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52 new good songs.  Gonna be fun writing lyrics quickly.  Sure there shall be plenty of stream of conscience coming through.

So many new songs will equal just try things out of the comfort zone.

Hopefully better songwriter at the end of this task.