I'm on FL using mostly stock plugins (especially for FX). My go-tos for instruments are Sytrus, Harmor, Serum and some drum sample packs I bought on Splice ages ago. I sometimes throw in a Kontakt or two depending on the project.

Everything else is also pretty basic. Built-in soundcard, ATH M50x headphones and a Blue Yeti mic.

I usually run linux, but reboot into Windows for FL when making music. I'd like to learn a DAW that works on both, but I feel like 50% of being able to make music is being used to your DAW so I don't really wanna switch after all these years.
It works fine in Wine, but can't use Serum or Kontakt without it getting really crash-prone, so it's less hassle to just reboot. That way I also get into the mindset that "it's time to make music, damnit" so that I don't close FL down again after 3 minutes after getting stuck on something. smile


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Aside from trying to complete this year as well, I hope to create more collabs with my pal.

Perhaps giving Renoise a try (as opposed to the usual FL) would be nice as well. I think WB is a good opportunity for experimentation.


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Ready for a new year!


I forgot to upload and went to sleep. Am I too late?