Hey, I'm all mixed up about what day it is...could I please get an upload link? Thanks!

Aday wrote:

Is your pet ok?? doggo here wants to go play with other dogs, and I'm like.... nah lets stay home and play tug-o-war

Thanks! Yes, my doggo is okay. She split her paw pad open running around like a doofus, probably because she's been pretty cooped up for the last week and finally had a chance to go mental today.

Could I please get a week 12 upload link? I had a bit of a pet emergency to tend to. Thanks!

I have a nice Audio Technica mic and Gibson acoustic that I barely use anymore...These days I keep it mostly electronic with Reaper, a Nektar midi-controller that I picked up six months ago (so cheap and I love it), an old Motu Microbook II. I've got a pretty good collection of vsts and samples happening now but more importantly I've been trying to organize everything and make templates for everything to speed up my workflow -- it's hard work but game changing!

Does anyone still visit here? If you do, you can find some of my folky tracks on Magdan Mile! You may have heard a couple of these on WB.


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Thanks for all the great music guys, happy new year!


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I tried to add a bunch of you guys from your profile links, wish I saw this thread earlier!


Cheers smile

Haven't posted in weeks because I've been going crazy finishing up my new album Far From Morning. Pretty sure all of these tracks have appeared in some form or another in the '14 or '16 WB.