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Sorry for the delay! For some reason I've only seen this post now. Please use the following link.

No worries, thanks so much for the link. I'm just happy I don't have another missed week on record! heart

Hiya. Had the form for week 11 all filled out and then forgot to hit submit, it seems. Would love to be able to submit, as I was kinda proud on this week's entry.

On my profile page, the track listing is currently broken - The track title is smushed to the left side (In Firefox at least, I didn't check other browsers) into a tiny column while the actual column "Title" is empty. I would post a screenshot but that would reveal stuff about my first track, so if you need a screenshot, let me know and I can send via email.

I'm a web developer so I tried to debug this (web tech mumbo jumbo ahead) and the grid definitions in the CSS seem to assume 5 columns (class: main-item) while there are actually just 4. The title row (class: main-subhead), on the other hand, has an empty div at the beginning (And the grid definition in CSS is slightly different). My assumption is that this is meant to pad out the left margin of the listing and that the rows are missing the empty div of the title row, a bit hacky but working, unless, well, the div is missing.

The greybeard web developer in me also wants to point out that this is one of the few occasions where an actual HTML table would be the better solution, but since I have no idea how this is built there might be technical reasons against it.

(I guess it would also be good to know if it is just me or if everyone has this issue)


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I'm in as well.