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I’m going to not go through a separation/divorce and not buy a business that will fail and ultimately lose me $60K. And maybe without that stress, pain, and depression, I’ll actually be able to stick with it for a full year.


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Aday wrote:
E-dub wrote:

I want to be E-dub (my name is Edmund Wayne, or EW, or E-Dub for short).

Have changed 'Edmund Snyder' username to E-Dub



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I want to be E-dub (my name is Edmund Wayne, or EW, or E-Dub for short).


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I'm in if it happens. I haven't done shit in 2017. I need you folks to keep me honest.

I missed last week.  I just couldn't bring myself to write anything.  But I was back at it this week.  C'est la vie.

Space is easy... it's mostly just a whole lot of silence. (They can't even hear you scream!)

gradients wrote:

I typically start by coming up with a chord progression, either with a synth or a guitar, and then record that. Then I loop it ad nauseam until I come up with a vocal melody I like and some nonsense temporary lyrics that have a cool rhythm. It's worked for me, but writing chords first sometimes results in less than memorable (or very same-y) melodies, so this year I'm gonna try working on vocal melodies/lyrics first, and have the chords follow that.

Interesting. I usually work out chord progressions first and instrument/vocal melodies after. I guess when I do it that way, I'm likely to at least make an effort to choose somewhat unique chord progressions. I find that when I write the melody first, I often discover that the best matching chords turn out to be something either really basic like d-g-a or something overused like the Pachalbel Canon progression.


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Someone's gonna be a big star since he's already got the Diva part down.


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Saskrotch wrote:
Phil Harmonic wrote:

Um.. no. "Music you have not listened to." "Haven't" is the correct contraction for have not in American english.

Um..  Yeah. As in music he has not listened to. Open a fuckin book some time

Before you start throwing eff words around, you might consider actually learning the grammatical rules of your native language. Because you're wrong. It doesn't say "he" which would use the third person singular conjugation of the verb "have" which is "has." It says "I" which requires the first person singular conjugation "have."

I have.
You have.
He/she/it has.

Even if you were right (which you aren't), you don't have to be an ass.

laguna wrote:

With all due respect to The Boss, I've always been more attracted to that second type. A true inspiration for me and countless others.

Not to mention, IMHO, that not a single one of Springsteen's songs could carry water for Bowie's amazing music.  Don't get me wrong, I guess lyrically he was a great writer, but musically... meh.  Again, just my opinion.


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I would've gone with "ain't yet".

He's been an incredible talent for decades. Sad news indeed.

I'm a folk, rock, country guy.

I'm fortunate in that I know I'm never going to come close to perfection with my songs.  But, occasionally I will finish one and be like "Whoa... I made that!"  And that makes all the others worth it.


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I use Audacity sometimes when I don't feel like loading up my complete DAW.  With VST support, it's actually pretty powerful.


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I'm in if it happens.