OleJazzer wrote:
Trash80 wrote:

If you uploaded a track for a specific week, and either you messed up and forgot to actually submit the form, or the server exploded and for some reason the song is gone... Please post here and we'll try to get you a private link to re-upload it for the given week. Be sure to tell us what week # was messed up in your post!

Also, this does not include users who's song was deleted due to copyright issues or whatever else.


Week 52 2020 I uploaded the wrong version. Could I get a link to fix it?


So, I can't guarantee this will work, (as the site has kinda been put in a different state now for 2021)
But, if you dare to upload, you'll have to delete the old one first, and then use this link.

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 28923912e4

Also, link expires in 48 hours

So yeah, hope it doesn't break smile
Buyer beware smile

Personally, i think the track you uploaded is fine, just what the end of 2020 needed

Accurate enough! heart


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Kedbreak136 wrote:

Oh! I had not noticed it was happening only on even numbered years! What am i gonna do next year??? sad

http://streak.club/ ?

(we tried that.... hit or miss for some, doesn't have that same flavour as weeklybeats tho)

laguna wrote:

I'm still on the road, with a couple of hours left before reaching my hotel. Can I ask for an upload in advance, please?. I'd love to finish this last month of WB

Here's Week 49 Upload link for you for when you arrive!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 3f04235914


Round up! Round up!

brian botkiller wrote:

Hey, just wanted to follow up on and upload link for last week?

brian botkiller's 48 = https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 5b410639ec

Jokinen wrote:

I missed the upload time! Can you please hook me up??

Jokinen's 48 = https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … da72868cc6

Abludo wrote:

Hi... my week 47 got cut short hmm could I have a reupload? thanks smile

Abludo's = 47 = https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 38f4cffb52

(Abludo, since this is a request for a re-upload, please delete your week 47, then use this link)

Sorry about the AWOL folks, here we go. - Links valid for 48hours since inception

brian botkiller wrote:

Welp, I forgot that with the time change in the US, my submission cutoff is 5pm MDT, not 6pm MDT. Stupid me. May I humbly request an upload link for Week 45?


https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 5b410639ec

miraclemiles wrote:

Hi. Just wanted to check-in again and ask about getting a re-upload link for week 44. Had some technical issues at last minute and missed the upload deadline by a couple minkutes. Hoping to keep the streak going!
Thanks so much!

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 94b910a9c6

zirafa wrote:

Another victim of daylight savings here.... Could I get an upload link pls? Thanks

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 3e1abb248f

danju wrote:

I don't think I accounted for the daylight savings time change. Can I get a reupload link?

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 4e90cca77b

Sorry everyone for the delay... Week 44
This link expires in 48 hours, you can play catch up now smile

zirafa wrote:

Hi, upload began before the deadline but seems it did not finish until after the deadline. Could I please get an upload link? Thank you!

Rescue link for week 43: https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 3e1abb248f


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Yeah....nah, none of these intentions happened.

There's still time right?

Hows everyone going @Thread?


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I will aim to make these a bit more like a music video rather than a ''backing track''

Waterchild wrote:

10/11/2020 - I hit upload at 7PM and I was one second too late. Living dangerously over here. Could I get an upload link to submit retroactively?

Week 41, Song name: Exiled

Thank you all!

No worries!

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 00beafe761

zirafa wrote:


Note: The upload date says October 4 but it shows Week 41. Did I accidentally hack the mainframe?


Generally, the upload links we give to people set the date to be earlier in the week, Your replacement track is showing up for week 41 tho - so all is well.

Abludo wrote:

Hi, was just getting into the mix ready for export and realised it was :59... bounced too late, sorry! Could I have an upload link for week 40 pls thanks smile

NIce work on the streak this year!
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 38f4cffb52

VBO wrote:

wait I actually did a weekly beat and just forgot to upload it wait what

sorry for the trouble can I upload

and you have a streak going and everything wtf?
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 2312aa8ef0

Jai Cafarella wrote:

I'm not sure if this is where I ask, but I submitted literally on the buzzer. I clicked submit as my clock hit 9:30 =o( Is it possible to do a slightly late upload please?


https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 3998e44cd7
Valid for 48 hours.

go for it.

miau wrote:

Trying to get back on streak after 2 months of failure. Didn't have a chance to submit yesterday, I would be really happy if i'm given a link smile

Here's Week 38...
https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … fe071841b4

I know the feeling, I botched some weeks, got demotivated....
And now I'm Looking at that last row of numbers thinking, "I could totally re-streak the final row"

Anyway, Good luck with the streak lets do it! final push!