WB06 - Livecoded with Sonic Pi and Hydra.

WB06 - Livecoded with Sonic Pi and Hydra.

Forgot to post these. Here's Week Five.

And here's Week Six. Done with ZGameEditor Visualizer.

I have uploaded videos for a few of the weeks this year so far. Mostly live shots of the performances where available.

Week 8 : reach blood encounter cell (rare)

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the robotz are coming : wb09
Made with Sonic Pi + Hydra

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Live jam:

I did a thing.

Still playing with video editing...

Actually got a video for this week!  Will have to check out some of the other vids posted here.  Have been sleeping on this thread.

Hooray there are others making videos. My bad for not checking the forums. Ive been creating videos every week. I am not going to spam the group. the playlist can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_GFoLj … zAJYj7bYa0

here was this weeks.