I just thought I'd 1) acknowledge the passing of time but also 2) say Whoop! what a strange and sometimes sad year it has been, but cranking out music every week has basically kept me sane and left me inspired. It also finally broke my hideous writers block which had become a lingering headache.
So thank you all, for the feedback, the comments, the gifs, and for your music too which continues to push boundaries. heart heart heart
Now back to work on that last track...

yep, t'was nice project, have had a few flaky weeks with fieldrecording submissions due to vacation, sickness or the holidays right now, but otherwise thought it was a nice exercise to not procrastinate on other shit smile .

So is this site going to automatically switch to weeklybeats 2017, an ongoing yearly thing?

I think it's every other year

It was my first time on WeeklyBeats and even though I've missed a few weeks due to forementioned holidays/sickness/workload, it was an incredible experience, pushing me to deliver, even in times when inspiration wasn't there. It really helps overcoming writer's block and procrastination and the beautiful music of others pushes you to not slack yourself.
As far as i'm concerned, I wouldn't be against continuing this in 2017! smile

7506 wrote:

I think it's every other year

So far it's been every other year, starting in 2012; yet the future is never certain.

I'll be here for 2018 though, see what zany stuff I'll do with all my songs then; maybe my song gen will be fleshed out a bit more and I'll have even less stuff to do.

I am so grateful for this project. It helped me to release an album in 2015 after doing WB 2014, and I am sure it will do the same in 2017.

It keeps me creative, and it makes me focus on doing the work, not just noodling about and never finishing anything.

This is honestly one of the best projects I've ever been a part of. Thank you to everyone who makes it happen.

This has been the most productive year for me musically, and I have the WB family to thank.  You guys really inspired and pushed me further than I ever thought I could go.  Hugs all around!

Vielen Dank to Weekly Beats and all new friends for making this fantastic adventure possible. A great year on this platform lies behind us and I would be happy to see Weekly Beats alive in 2017. Up to now I couldn't find any information about registration for the new year and would be very thankful if anybody would send me the latest information about the future of this sphere. Ahoy 2017 to everybody out there.

I really got so much out of this year learning to refine and be precise with my choices in music and workflow. after being part of 3 years of weekly beats ill take the customary year off and here's hoping to see many of you again in 2018 :X

Thanks for all the great music guys, happy new year!

I dropped out very early on (euphemism: "missed a couple weeks", like every one since week 13) but it was a totally engrossing and educational experience for those weeks. I realized what it would take to produce a high-quality or even decent-quality piece each week and for me, it would have to be a major focus of my life, as it was til I stopped. Anyway having hundreds of new tracks to listen to every week, most of them really interesting and satisfying, was invaluable and I'll miss that. Thanks to those who supported me early on and def be back in 2018.

Congrats to everyone! I made it through half the year - and then my mother fell ill - and passed away a few months later. My musical output was somewhat sporadic for a while. But I thank you guys for listening! Here's to more music for 2017. Happy New Year!

Wondering why I can't upload my week 52 or view anyone else's. I did my song on Sunday afternoon (as is my usual schedule) but uploads don't appear to be allowed. Wondering if something happened?

Arcana wrote:

Wondering why I can't upload my week 52 or view anyone else's. I did my song on Sunday afternoon (as is my usual schedule) but uploads don't appear to be allowed. Wondering if something happened?

try the green upload link : http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload
It seems to be uploading to week 53, but fingers crossed everything will be fine come midnight

So now it's all over! Thanks everyone for an awesome 52 weeks, what a crazy year it has been! It's been fantastic participating in this challenge. It's been awesome to hear such a diverse range of music coming out of this community, all of which is of such a great standard. You guys are all awesome and thanks for a wicked year!

My upload ended up in week 53 and not 52...