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I've had several heated arguments with people on another forum about odd numbers on the bottom of a time signature. Haha, not gonna get into similar arguments here!

For my track, I've gone for something kinda djenty. I haven't done the vocals yet, but the rhythm is mostly in 5/4 with an occasional beat or half-beat added/subtracted. It's slow enough though that it still kinda sounds like 4/4 sometimes, gah!

5/4 is one of my favorite time sigs

Yeah, it's pretty nice to work with. I've been pretty lazy over the last few years with writing everything in 4/4, so this was a nice challenge. I'm usually of the belief that odd time signatures should only be used when absolutely necessary for the rhythm/flow of the piece, but I'd still love to do some crazy 13/8 super prog stuff (cf. the keyboard solo of 'Robbery, Assault & Battery by Genesis).

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Theme for Week 6 is "Absolutely No 4/4"

Hard Mode: Your song must include at least one time signature change

Insane Mode: Your song must be written in a time signature other than 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, or 6/8

Previous Themes:

Week 1 - First Week
Week 2 - Whatever
Week 3 - Black Metal
Week 4 - Shared Melody

I'm a newbie smile, when I signed up I didn't read anything about working with a set of parameters for each week ...mmmm, is this like something we need to do?, I mean it's a challenge and for sure a very good way  of training. just asking cheers. because it seems haha that I've completely bypassed that fact tongue thank you

synclab: it's completely optional. It's just something to opt-in to if you want, when you want. smile

My first submission here (doubling as a submission over at ... I like the themes. I went 3/4 (not particularly challenging as I've done quite a few songs in 3/4 before) but did switch to 7/4 for the outro!

i kind of opted in I guess.  dunno

opted in this week, for lack of ideas! got too many projects going on.

no bonus points for me though.

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uploaded mine. it's switching between 5/4 and 7/4 and has a nice polyrythmic arpeggio in it. liked this weeks challenge a lot! what's next??

Uploaded. It was fun to get out of the 4/4 structure!

I finally did one of the themes. Yay. … remember-2

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ChaoticMathcore inspired stuff … sant-dance

my track is in 5/4

Spaceaser, your link is broken.

hooray! Some djenty screamo stuff:

Plopper, I guess find it through here: … ure-points some shoegazey / prog stuff in 7. Really short idea due to time constraints