Oh crap guys, I forgot to post a thread this week!

Anyway, you know the drill.

The runner up from last week was Hymn/Gregorian Chant with 2 votes.

Grindcore, as usual, made the list again for the 4th week running.

Previous Themes may be viewed at the following locations

Week 13 - Lazersaurus Battle Derby

Week 14 - 4 Notes

Week 15 - Aleatoric

Week 16 - Ducks

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Smashing head on MIDI keyboard/piano/synth/etc.

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Seagull Chainsaw wrote:

Smashing head on MIDI keyboard/piano/synth/etc.

We already had Aleatoric for a theme

Gnarlysunshine wrote:
Seagull Chainsaw wrote:

Smashing head on MIDI keyboard/piano/synth/etc.

We already had Aleatoric for a theme

I was going for more "Rough Physical contact with all your instruments" but i suppose you are right.

Hmmm, Lighty stroking your instrument? Okay sorry I'm not being helpful here. Hmmm, maybe make a song out of everything that you own in your kitchen? Just throwing ideas around...Anything involving smashing and hitting stuff.

stream of consciousness? similar to aleatoric except not as random

I think I should be the theme for this week

Grindcore acapella.

jiffypop23 wrote:

Grindcore acapella.

YES!!! Blast beat beatboxing sorta.

+1 to thursdaybloom.
He's the theme?!

iran sanad wrote:

+1 to thursdaybloom.
He's the theme?!

Thursdaybloom, you have my vote.

Thursdaybloom works for me.

i vote thursdaybloom too.  brilliant.

i vote for thursday bloom

eye phoht 4 fhursdai blume two!!

Hi, my name is Thursdaybloom and I'll be your theme for this week. So thinking of how I could possibly be a theme I propose the follow ideas to help:

Write the musical version of me. Put what you think of/feel about me in music form (possibly only for those who know me)
Write my theme/soundtrack. If I was in a movie, what would my motif be?
Write a song in my style. Listen through my catalogue and be 'inspired' to write 'music' in my 'style'
Do a cover of one of my CC entries. Cover, not remix, as I'll be unable to provide stems. I will, however, try and be as accommodating as possible
Write a song for me. Smash out that amazing love ballad you've always wanted to.

I'll be writing an autobiography this week to participate in this theme.

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covers kinda half-defeat the purpose of weeklybeats but YEAH i guess that works!